Why You Should Use the Head Lice Comb

There are various methods you can use in the removal of head lice. These range from pesticide based shampoos to home made remedies. The head lice comb is another method of removing head lice that is gaining popularity.

This comb is made of metal teeth which are finely spaced. It has a plastic handle which is sealed to ensure that lice do not hide in it. You should use the lice comb because of the following reasons.

The lice comb is quite cheap. Finding and purchasing a lice comb is not costly. There are many brands out there. The one with the finest and relatively long teeth is the best. Its cost when compared to the shampoos is quite little.

This comb does not have any side effects. It is recommended that you use the comb on wet hair. Wet hair is soft which prevents pulling of hair. This can cause headaches. Some of the shampoos have been observed to have some side effects like irritation of the scalp and others have been linked to cancer.

The comb is a durable product. Once you buy a comb, it can be used for years. Unless it gets damaged, it only needs to be sterilized with hot water to be used. This way, a single comb can be used on different children. Shampoos and other home made remedies tend to get spoilt and expire over time. If lice strike again, you will need to buy new products.

The lice comb removes both the adult head lice and the nits. Many of the other treatment methods either remove the adult lice or the nits. The combing motion should be from the scalp toward the hair ends. This way, the fine teeth collect any adult lice which are on the scalp and the nits lodged on the hair strands.

The lice comb is immediate in its effect. By using the comb you can determine if the lice are being removed by checking the teeth every time you comb through the hair. With other methods, you will have to wait for some minutes and wash off the hair before determining if there was any effect.

In many cases, the use of shampoos will require you use the head lice comb to remove and lice that might be lodged in the hair after washing. The long procedure can be avoided by washing the hair and using the comb alone.
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This comb can be used on any hair regardless of type and size. The other types of head lice treatments work well depending on the length of hair and type. For example, dense hair makes it hard for shampoos to reach the scalp where the lice are found.

The head lice comb has many advantages over the other head lice remedies. Its only disadvantage perhaps is that it is time consuming in its use. But considering its benefits, it is the best head lice treatment method available.