Wii Game Rental Site Reviews

This is my review of the Wii game rental website “gamemine” this is one of the cheapest games rental websites around, and with 6000+ games to rent make it a great website for getting up to date games.

They also have a trade in feature which is very handy if you want to trade in your old games, they also are one of the highest trade in values for a game rental site. They also have the option of being able to purchase the game from them if you wish to keep it, the sale price would be at a reduced cost compared to a local games store.

I found the website very easy to navigate and was pleasantly surprised to find a wide choice of up to date games, they have games for the Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, NDS, 3DS, and GC. They have a pre-owned section where they sell trade in games at very low prices compared to the price of them new, just by visiting this section of the site you can save loads of money.

They have the two plans you can choose from to rent games, the first is an unlimited one game plan where you take out one game at a time. This cost $6.95 for the first month and then 13.95 a month after that, you also get free shipping with all games rented out and they do not charge any late fees if you keep the game for a longer period of time.

The second plan is there best value plan and can save you over 40% of the cost of renting, this is the unlimited monthly two game plan which works out at $10.95 for the first month and $20.95 a month after that. With no due dates for return and no late fee charges make it one of the best Wii game rental websites there is, if you look at the cost of new games now you will find they range from $40 up to $100 per game and if you play it and find you do not like it then that can work out very costly.

They also do weekly promotions and weekly specials in the buy section, this could save you up to 30%on some of the best known games. With the three options available buy, trade, or rent make it a great site for gamers, if like me you have unwanted games at home then you can use the trade in feature and get credit in your account or even get cash back for your games.

So to sum up this website, with the three options available and the free shipping included, and a choice of 6000+ games titles, make this a great site if you are looking to save money on buying games or renting them out. When you look at the costs involved it makes economical sense to use Wii game rental sites, plus with this website you can even trade in your old games and get credit or cash back.