Working Through Workplace Stress

One of the problems associated with workplace stress, is that when it goes beyond that driving force we all need to rise to the various unexpected challenges that we face over the course of the working day, and becomes a debilitating liability that can ultimately lead to depression we become devoid of logical thought and panic sets in. This has a paralysing effect and prevents us taking effective action, indeed any action at all.

However, as you notice the signs of this “bad” stress, it’s important that you gain some sense of perspective. Here’s what you can do:

  • Keep focused.
  • Hold to your vision and values, and let every decision you make be led by your own set of rules. Ask yourself what it is that you want your life to be at this moment?

  • Be flexible.
  • Ensure that you have your goals set, but hold them with an open hand, and accept the fact that circumstances change, that you cannot stop the change but you can change your path a little to adapt to the changes. Stress happens; give yourself license to deal with it. Ask yourself how you can be more flexible.

  • Reassess.
  • Frequently think about your life, both possessions, attitudes and aspirations. Give thought as to what you can let go of or give up because you don’t need them anymore. Ask yourself if any of your dreams and aspirations are in fact holding you back.

  • Maintain your self belief.
  • Try and make every decision you take enhance your self belief and sense of integrity. Compromising on one’s personal values diminishes your own self respect. Ask yourself how a given action affects your integrity.

  • Accept your limitations.
  • In life, you will always come across people who you cannot influence for whatever reason, outcomes that you cannot affect and targets that you cannot always reach. You are never going to win every conflict, so concentrate on the ones you can and pick your own battles. Ask yourself how you can accept defeat with humility and honor.

  • No man is an island.
  • Sometimes we just have to get over ourselves. In a competitive world we are all striving for success. Sometimes we allow our egos to take control and we think we can do things alone. This may be true, but often the answer or success we crave is better served by enlisting the help of others, even though we may want to be seen as doing it all ourselves. Ask yourself how you can engage the input of other s to help, inspire and support you.

  • Consider your options.
  • Always have a “plan B”. Ask yourself what alternatives are open to you in any given stressful situation, and continually look for more.

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