Relaxation Techniques

Can you easily relax and let go of tension in your body and unsettling thoughts in your mind? Learning how to relax is an important skill to have while dealing with the daily stressors in our lives. But how do we learn to relax? Relaxation methods, including thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors, can help us to overcome our own stress response, thereby relieving physical and emotional problems.

We can learn how to slow and deepen our breathing, lower our own blood pressure, increase blood flow to our muscles, reduce muscle tension and even eliminate chronic pain. Relaxation techniques can also help our mental abilities, improving our concentration, reducing negative emotions such as anger, sadness and frustration, and improve our confidence and ability to handle difficulties and problems.

There are many different relaxation techniques that will help us to reduce stress and train our mind and body to relax. We can focus on deep breathing, progressive relaxation, tensing and relaxing body parts, guided imagery, visualization, biofeedback, exercise, yoga, and even tai chi.

Another very powerful method is receiving touch, a gentle hand on our shoulder or the touch of a skilled body therapy practitioner. Massage therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, Feldenkrais, Alexander technique, Reiki, Polarity Therapy and many other touch therapies offer different relaxation techniques.

One method, the one I have studied and practice for over two decades combines, for me, the best of so many other methods. The Rubenfeld Synergy Method of talk and touch provides a powerful holistic approach to relaxation of the mind and body and spirit, teaching clients different ways to view the same issues and problems during each session. As thoughts and attitudes change, body tensions lessen and emotional turmoil dissipates.

The non-invasive, non-threatening, gentle touch provided by a Rubenfeld Synergist encourages clients to use their own resources, to tap into their own unique ways to relax and let go. As the Rubenfeld Synergist guides a client’s body to let go of habitual tension, the client’s mind focuses on thoughts, images and possible meanings connected to specific body tensions. The client is guided to explore the thought, clarify the image and discover new ways of perceiving currently problematic experiences. Relaxation techniques include gentle touch to help the body relax, empathic words to encourage self-acceptance, guided imagery and visualization to help the client discover new meanings for familiar circumstances.

Touch and its power to increase the relaxation response is often overlooked. But a moment of sincere and gentle touch is all it takes for a receptive client to instantly access their own relaxation style and instantly let go of chronic tension patterns. As the body tension releases, the mind is free to explore new possibilities for relaxation and stress reduction.
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Have you been touched today? I have heard that we need at least 5 hugs a day for health. Are you aware of possible emotional meanings for those persistent aches and pains in your body? Our bodies often hold the key to understanding the dynamics currently occurring in our relationships and in our personal life. What is YOUR body telling you right now?

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