A Natural Cure for Diabetes

A Natural Cure for Diabetes

As a type 1 diabetic who has been living without any medication and with normal blood sugar levels for a while now, I know that a natural cure for diabetes is not a myth. If you doubt it, the best way to find out is to test it.

Apart from changing your diet (by removing quick sugars and adding complex carbohydrates and raw aliments to it) and exercising more, which is the best way to end your dependency on insulin injections, there is a simple habit to take which will help.

To drink medicinal herbal teas to naturally cure your diabetes!

Nature is very intelligent. For everything it creates, there is an opposite somewhere. Sweet is no exception. Some plants make the blood sugar level high, especially when they are cooked and transformed, and some others balance it, especially when untransformed and raw.

I have been studying those plants for just two years, and every day I am astonished about what they can accomplish. Some plants lower the blood sugar level as a result of digestion. Some others help the pancreas secrete more insulin, and some others help the whole process of digestion, which then frees the pancreas from some tasks, giving it more efficiency to process sugars and carbohydrates. Even though I can’t explain exactly how they all work, I know for sure that many medicinal plants do help to lower the blood sugar level and can work as efficiently as insulin when combined with physical exercise and a good vegetarian meal without fast sugars, and with complex carbohydrates.

Among those plants, there is eucalyptus, ginseng, fenugreek, black walnut leaves, avocado leaves, agrimony eupator, dandelion, burdock, chicory, blueberry leaves and roots, artichoke, psyllium, and many more. They are excellent if taken half an hour to an hour before meals, mixed together and with other plants to make an excellent herbal tea.

Eat medicinal plants to naturally cure your diabetes!

Most of the plants mentioned above can be eaten, but most are bitter and hard to chew. However, a few are easier to find palatable and to prepare.

For salads, you may easily use, by themselves or mixed with other types of salads: cress, dandelion leaves, chicory, and different grasses and other types of salads. If they don’t all have the great ability to balance blood sugar level, all greens are excellent for health.

For sprouts, you may use fenugreek, chia seeds, arugula, which have a certain hypoglycemic action, and all other sprouts also, which will fill you with proteins, nutrients, enzymes and complex carbohydrates (with no incidence on your blood sugar level) and help you prevent cravings for sugar.

For roots, you may use burdock, Jerusalem artichoke, sweet potato, dandelion, chicory. It is better to eat them raw, for example grated in a salad, of in a smoothie. An example of a great smoothie for diabetics would be an apple, half its volume of Jerusalem artichoke, and a little bit of fresh ginger. Add a little bit of water, blend it, and you have a delicious, healthy smoothie, which will help you digest your meal, especially if taken a half-hour to an hour before eating.

Try all those aliments, experience them, mix them, and you will learn how to cure naturally your diabetes!