Prediabetes! – Resolve to Wean Yourself From Sugar

There can be many reasons why you are considering eating less sugar. For example, your doctor might diagnose you as having Prediabetes. Even though I don’t believe that there is such a thing as Prediabetes, you would do well to use this to make an association about your wellness and the power you possess to preserve it.

Instead of putting your energy and concern in agonizing about the fact that you are getting ill, use this label as the genesis for a new beginning for the rest of your healthy lifestyle.

This will keep you from ‘victim thinking’ and instead of feeling that this is your daily cross to bear, you can begin to relish in the idea of seeking total wellness.

Think of it this way, there are more persons in your town or city living without diabetes and you can be one too. Next rejoice that your awareness is now opened to the plight of people who are living with diabetes and that you have a chance to nip this in the bud.

The research on diabetes is pretty straight forward. You can start taking medication or you can use another avenue to change this type of ‘meds taking’ lifestyle. The choice is all yours, the ball is now in your court, not your doctor’s.

Simply consider this, because if you rely on a drug that is not a cure but just controls the dynamic process of your body metabolizing sugar, the only way that this can progress is on a downward spiral.

Why wait for your body cells to refuse to accept sugar and then change your medication to a prescription for someone with full fledge diabetes.

To some people this is all acceptable. It’s the family game. They watched their mother do it, their brother did it and this is the family cross you have to bear; all the while you are clinging to sugar or trying to satisfying your sweet tooth with diet soda, beer, wine or sugar laden daily desserts or coffee. Or you might be eating food like white bread and crackers that turns into sugar the moment it hits your saliva. This has been the case with my family. I lost my father to diabetes when I was just a toddler. The gift out of this tragedy is that I grew up determined to understand my body so I became a cell biologist; a college lecturer and a wellness coach so that I can share this good news with you.

Here is a brighter concept to perk up your life and make it just as sweet. Relish in the idea of having the peace of mind of being symptom free. I have experience this with my family and I can tell you the paramount change you have to make is about your lifestyle.

This requires only two simple changes. One is a change in mindset about how to approach this disorder. If you are having difficulty with this, being guided by a wellness coach will do wonders for executing the old mind set. Next is your willingness to consider a new eating lifestyle.

For instance a new lifestyle approach might to become more in tune with the working of your muscles, your breath, your method and frequency of feeding. Then resolve that life can be sweet with indulgence in a little self love.

For example you could decide to use your breath and body more in a yoga class, which mainly teaches you how to use your breath to communicate with your muscles and change your mind and body energy.

This is quite a bonus for playing on a mat, mindfully using your breath while doing precise movement; as you get more oxygen than your body is used to, and increase your energy level without sugar.

This alone can initiate a huge change in attitude towards becoming a more aware, health conscious person.

Why am I mentioning this in association with Prediabetes? Because adapting to a new attitude will help you in a way that is energetically positive for your mind and body. It will open your awareness of the natural gift you have to heal naturally…

Prediabetes and diabetes is all about precise use of physical and chemical energy. No one else can change your energy and how it is used but you. And your activity and choice of nourishment determines the quality of your energy. You alone have to adopt the mindset that says it’s possible to live symptom free. Then the rest is easy! All you need is, “an apple, a book and a passion to cook.