Diabetic Test Strips

Diabetes is a condition that requires constant monitoring. Nearly every diabetic should have a kit for testing their blood sugar. Many purchase or receive supplies of a variety of test strip brands, and after a favorite is chosen, the other boxes are simply abandoned and left to gather dust. The relatively short shelf life of test strips often means having to deal with a growing collection of boxes that are of no use, and must be gotten rid of somehow. Frequently this means simply throwing perfectly good boxes of diabetic test strips in the garbage.

As anyone who purchases them knows, diabetic test strips are pricey items. Did you also know that there are thousands of diabetics out there who, because of low incomes, fixed incomes, or lack of insurance, desperately need these supplies, but can’t afford to pay the prices being asked? There are many organizations that provide them with their necessary supplies, and you can participate in their efforts to help. If you have extra unopened, unexpired test strips containers, you can sell them for cash instead of tossing them in the trash!


Most diabetics are wise enough to keep boxes on hand in case they run low, and before long realize they have a few more than they really need.

  • If you receive boxes on a regular basis, you may find that extras are beginning to add up. Perhaps you are not testing as often as you used to.
  • You may have changed test strip brands, and still have a supply of the old ones sitting around that don’t fit your new meter.
  • If you were testing yourself during pregnancy, and no longer have any need to do so, it’s possible you still have some boxes left over you don’t know what to do with.
  • Maybe a loved one has passed away, or moved into a medical care residence that now provides their supplies, and you are left with extra boxes on your hands.

There are many reasons why you might have a stash of perfectly good, still-sealed, unexpired boxes of diabetic test strips that you could be making cash on by selling.


Yes, if you are the legal owner of them. Anyone can buy test strips, even without a prescription, so as long as you bought the strips yourself, you are free to sell them. Even if your boxes are marked “mail order only” or “not for resale” you can still sell them – this just means they can’t be sold through a retailer.

Of course, there are some things to keep in mind. For instance, not all brands are going to be in demand. Boxes that have been provided by Medicare cannot be resold, and no one will purchase boxes that are expired, damaged or have broken seals. But as long as they are a reasonably well-known brand, in good condition, and have a minimum of 6 months to their expiration (although you may be able to get half price for certain brands that are expiring in 3 to 6 months), then you could be holding the cash in your hand within a very few days!


Dealers who buy diabetic test strips are in business to make money, but the end result is the same: someone who needs these supplies and can’t afford them is going to get them, either for free or at a discount. Dealers will often accept brands they wouldn’t normally buy and then donate them to shelters, or give a percentage of their profit to diabetes related charities. Often they are in the business because they themselves are diabetic or have a loved one who is, which gives them a personal stake in helping others who are dealing with the challenge of diabetes. Of course, you want to get to know your dealer and feel comfortable doing business with them, so shop around a bit! Very often, repeat business will make you a valued customer who will receive special consideration when it comes to pricing your boxes.

But it isn’t always about making a couple of extra dollars – it’s the relationship you develop with someone you feel is sincere, honest and trustworthy. Of course you want the most generous price for your test strips, but you should also look for someone who is willing to send payment quickly, and offers a variety of ways to get in touch with them. Do they have a toll-free number you can call? Read their FAQ page and Terms & Conditions so you know what you can expect. Check to see if they will reimburse you for shipping the boxes. Call them up and talk with them personally, so you get a feel for who they are.