A Professional Guide to Buying Pianos

When looking to purchase a piano, there are a number of elements that you need to take into consideration to ensure that you are purchasing the best piano for you. That is why this specialist strives to be on hand to offer you all the advice and guidance you will need to take into consideration when purchasing pianos from their luxury, handcrafted selection.

Pianos are very delicate musical instruments that require you to consider a number of different factors in order to get the best out of them;


With pianos being such large instruments, it is vital that you have the appropriate amount of space available before you buy. Sound quality is directly affected by the size of the piano, so the larger the piano, the better sound it will produce. Therefore if you have the available space and budget to match, the purchase of a Grand Piano is recommended for the best sounding music possible.

Temperature, Humidity and Environment

The temperature and humidity of a room will have an effect on the sound of your piano. A relative humidity ranging between 45% and 70% and a constant temperature of 20 degrees Celsius will see the best results.

Furnishings can also have an effect on sound. Plush carpets and draperies will absorb the sound, whereas with a wood or tiled floor, you are likely to experience a more vibrant sound.

Style and Finish

Pianos vary in style and finish depending on the user’s needs. Furthermore, the styles can be matched to your current decoration to create a stunning and elegant feature in any room of your home.

When purchasing any piano from this particular selection, you are assured of the highest levels of workmanship on every aspect to guarantee an attractive appearance both inside and out.


The touch and sensitivity are further important aspects to consider when buying a new piano. Again this varies on taste as some prefer the lighter touch whilst others prefer more resistance when they press down on the keys.

On trying out a variety of pianos, you will be able to see which suits your playing style best so that you then purchase a responsive piano that will allow you to feel comfortable, along with offering a greater ease of playing.

The most important factor when buying a piano is to purchase an instrument that you feel comfortable sitting at. If you take every aspect into consideration, pianos can be a great addition to any home and the source of beautiful music for years to come.

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