Do yourself! Fix the Broken Necklace

Most of the women in this world must have one or two jewelry made by gold. It can be said that gold is very valuable metal. Because of that, the gold’s price is expensive.

Women treasure the gold jewelry very well. However, an incident cannot be avoided in everyday life. The most common incident to the jewelry is the broken necklace. It usually happens when people remove their necklaces in hurry. People accidentally yank their necklace and it is broken. The broken necklace will be slowly forgotten in your box or you will throw it away. Some of the people will bring the broken necklace to the jewelry repair and must pay its expensive cost.

Actually, you can repair your necklaces by yourself. Here are some tips you can apply when you repair the broken necklaces:

1. The first thing you should do is cutting the gold solder to small chips by using the wire nippers. Each chip is about a millimeter.2. You should arrange the broken necklace using the tweezers on the ceramic soldering board. 3. After that, you should join the necklaces’ pieces using the mixture of a tablespoon of borax flux with the water. You should remember not to mix too much water. Stop adding the water when you get the paste structure. 4. It is better for you to heat the gold solder from the distance first. After the flux paste has dried and becomes hard, the flux will be clear and melt. You can heat the solder directly when those sign has emerged. By heating the solder, it will slump and then it connects together. You must put the necklaces in the right position. If it is needed, you can always move it with the tweezers. 5. After those processes, you should cool the gold. You can put the necklace in the pickle solution. The pickle will help you to remove the flux, oxides, and any residues. You can make it clean and shiny again. After that, you can wash and dry your necklace.

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