ADF Scanners For the Home Or Office

Scanners have become a useful tool for the office worker, the student, and the home user. With the ability to duplicate documents like a copier in digital form the uses are obvious. However take into account it can also digitize a printed photograph, a film negative, or a photographic slide its uses become infinitely greater for many types of users.

The typical home or office scanner comes in one of two forms. The most common type is the flat bed scanner that looks much like a copy machine and a specialty film scanner for 35mm and larger films and slides. Both have their uses but the one that the typical person will find useful will the flat bed scanner as it has a wider range of uses in the home or office.

The flatbed scanner is best suited for scanning things like the pages of books, contracts, or to copy an already printed document or photograph. Some better quality flat bed scanners also have special attachment to scan film negatives or slides if you need to scan those but don’t want two different scanners. Film scanners are used specifically for both film negatives and for slides but have limitations as to what size film they can scan and for larger film negatives or slides, 8.5″ x 11″ a flat bed is the best choice.

Most of the original home flatbed scanners only allowed you to feed one sheet at a time for scanning making it tedious to scan a large stack of documents or a batch of photographs. The technology from enterprise class copiers and scanners has reached the home market and an ADF scanner, or automatic document feed scanner is common place in today’s market.

This automatic feeder system is a boon to those who frequently scan many individual documents at the same time. This auto feeder will allow you to practically set and forget your scanner to finish your scanning while to divert your attention to other things. This helps eliminate a tedious job while saving man hours and money in the process.

With many individuals spending days or weeks at a time on the road during their careers this technology can also travel with them. A portable printer and scanner is a common part of the traveling office to help keep road warriors productive when away from the office.

For both the professional photographer and the hobbyist a scanner is almost a must need item. With the majority of photography going digital even if you stick with film you will want to be able to digitize your work for clients as well as for working in Photoshop which is the new photography lab.

Even if you don’t work in an office or home office scanners are great tools for students or anyone for that matter. How many people have old photos that are fading or that could be damaged or lost? A scanner is a tool to help with that as well as quickly keeping reference material handy for the student by allowing them to keep a digital copy and not have to worry about reams of paper copied from other source material.

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