Scooters – Safety Comes First

When riding a 50cc Scooter the number one thing to consider should always be safety. Whether your riding down the street and back, or driving to work in the morning. Most accidents happen within a mile of your home. Each rider should own the proper gear and most importantly a helmet. Some 50cc Scooters can reach speeds of 40 miles per hour, which is fast enough to cause bad injuries or even death. Below I will go through a few key pieces of gear that all riders should have with them and on them at all times.

The number one thing that all riders should always have is a helmet. Whether it’s a black helmet, green helmet, or even a pink helmet, just put it on. Helmets save thousands of people each year. Your head is the most important part of your body and you must protect it. Helmets and vehicles such as a scooter should go hand and hand. If your thinking about buying any type of mini moto, then a helmet should be right there with it.

The next important piece of gear is leather outerwear. This is not needed but is very helpful. Wearing leather is mainly for occational fall or accident that could occur. Say you fall off a 50cc scooter and slide across a tar or cement road. Now that wouldn’t feel to good now would it? When wearing leather this helps eliminate the injuries that could come from this type of fall. Sliding down a tar road with a leather suit on would pretty much eliminate the “Road Rash” as they call it.

The next two things that all riders should wear are goggles and gloves. Goggles and gloves are very important in there own ways. Goggles help prevent things from shooting off the road into your eyes. Whether it be rocks, sand, or dirt, ether of the three can cause some damage to your eyes. But damage to your eyes isn’t the only thing. It can also cause you to lose control and fall off the scooter. Which could lead to other injuries. Wearing gloves isn’t a must, but like the leather can definitely help if you were to take a small fall.

Safety should be everyone’s first thought when looking into getting a 50cc scooter of some sort. Everyone should follow the rules of the road, and should always wear a helmet. Remember, its your body where talking about, protext it.

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