Variable Speed Chi Machine

A chi machine works by stimulating one’s muscles to the extent of massaging. This massaging by electrical stimuli helps the body in terms of oxygenation. This is kind of aerobic massaging system that leads to relaxation of physical and psychological stress. A variable speed chi vitalizer or machine, which has been approved by FDA in US and by other medical regulatory bodies in other advanced countries, has the feature of stimulating the body at different speeds or oscillations according to the varying needs and adaptations of one’s body.


The chi miracle machine was first invented in 1998 by Keiichi Ohashi, a Japanese engineer, although the specific aerobics of the exercise, known as ‘the goldfish exercise’ at Japan, was discovered far ago by a Japanese scientist named Dr. Shizuo Inoue. Prior to 1998, this machine was tested through studies and researches for 38 years, giving rise to a perfectly safe procedure of great benefit.

How this works

The structure of a chi exercise machine is very simple. The device consists of a platform with an electrical input, a cord and an ankle-cradle. One is expected to lie on their back, relax, to put their legs on the ankle cradles and to switch the machine on with the electrical button on their hand (which has its other end attached to the machine). The machine starts vibrating typically at 80 oscillations per minute and may go up to 160 oscillations per minute; although the average is 140 oscillations per minute.

The machine should be turned on at a 4 to 6 minute stretch. The on/off procedures and the rate of oscillations are controllable via a tuner that is kept at the hand of the user. He or she can control the machine as he or she wants or as is most acceptable by and comfortable to his or her body. During the procedure, one is also allowed to stretch their hands sideways or to put them over their heads. These allow further relaxation of physical and psychological status.

Benefits of having a variable speed chi machine against a single speed chi machine

Variable speed chi exercise machines are more beneficial than single speed chi machines. The advantage of a variable speed machine is the controllable speed which makes it much easier to relax the mind, to relieve swollen ankles, healing back pain, lowering high blood pressure, strengthening the spinal region, healing nervous system, increasing blood circulation through the body, delivering more oxygen to lungs, reducing nerve pain and muscle fatigue etc. Because variable speed chi devices can control their speed of oscillations according to the body-need, they produce a fine tuning of the ANS, increases the ability to focus, and relieves insomnia, constipation and other digestive problems.

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