Low Blood Sugar

Most diabetics nowadays are dying to find the way to low blood sugar in a natural way. It is important for most diabetics to know that low blood sugar levels are termed hypoglycemia.
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Obesity is the commonly faced problems by many people of USA. With the increasing rate of obesity the rate of diabetes sufferer is also increasing. More and more people are nowadays being diagnosed with this chronic ailment. The modern day’s lifestyle is full of anxiety and stress which takes the person towards diabetics. More and more people are being diagnosed with insulin resistance and diabetes every year. The genetic factors are also equal contributor of this chronic ailment.

Unfortunately the doctor puts the person on the drugs the moment a person is diagnosed with this chronic ailment, diabetes. Further the person has to suffer many dietary restrictions throughout the life. It is good to learn about reversing the diabetes naturally so that you can stay away from facing many health related complications.

The average level of blood glucose after the fast of 8 hours must be between 70mg/dl and 110 mg/dl. The level of random blood glucose must be in the range of 70 mg/dl and 130 mg/dl. The elevated blood sugar levels start to damage many vital body parts. It leads to blood vessel as well as kidney related issues.

If you are also worried about the elevated levels of blood sugar then the following reading would be of great help to you. Following are given some preventive measures that help the person to lower blood sugar level. The knowledge of glycemic index is also helpful for planning the best diabetic plan.

  • If you love to lower level of sugar in blood without going for the drugs, then the first step is to lower intake of natural sugar. You can start gradually. It is good to cut down the intake of soft drinks and try to choose “no sugar” products while going for the grocery.
  • It is also good to make a routine of monitoring the blood sugar level with the help of a blood glucose meter. This will help you to detect even the minor change in the level of sugar in blood.
  • Low blood sugar levels can also be achieved by having the supplements. However this must be done only after the consultation of a registered medical practitioner only. Some minerals and vitamins like alpha lipoic acid and chromium also help to lower down
  • Adding a splash of cinnamon to the daily meals is also good to lower blood glucose level naturally.
  • Adding cinnamon to the cereals like oatmeal and other cereals is good for health as well as taste.
  • Always keep a handy list of low glycemic index foods, especially while doing grocery; as these foods naturally lower down the blood sugar levels.
  • Eat more whole grains as well as vegetables and fruits.
  • Exercise regularly for 20 minutes in one day. Take the start slowly.
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