How to Care For Your Car’s Paint

You and your car might be best buddies. Before you bought it, you might have contacted a Chevy dealer to get you the best car. Thus, today, when your friends compliment your car, you give all the credits to your Chevrolet dealer. Now that you have bought it, you want it to look so good that it turns heads whenever you drive by. For this, appropriate care for your car’s exterior is needed. Because the car’s body and its paint are the first noticeable things anyone sees, you need to care for them before you consider other body parts.

When you are talking about the general care of the car’s paint, you need to look at all the possibilities that might be responsible for the damage of your car’s paint. Similarly, there is no alternate to cleaning. Proper cleaning will ensure you a better looking car. When you are cleaning, it is advisable that you use products that are designed specifically for this purpose. This is because the companies that manufacture them keep the pH balance and other considerations in their mind. These non-detergent products will cause no harm to the wax on your car’s body, and therefore, ensure better cleaning.

Once you have washed and cleaned your car, you must dry it properly. If the car is not properly dried, the body will have some water spots. These will get dry and will cause damage to the paint. If you are using other products while cleaning, such as soaps etc., you must make certain that they are washed off and then dried. If they are not cleaned, they will dry off on the car’s exterior and will damage the paint.

You also need to save your car from a number of things. These things can prove to be very harmful for the paint. Bird droppings and tar are the main threats to it. Bird droppings are acidic, and therefore they are likely to etch the paint or the chrome if they are not removed. What you should do is clean these with a little soap dissolved in water. Leave a wet paper towel on the spot for a while before you can wash it off. Avoid picking up the bird dropping as this may chip the paint from the area. As for tar, you must only use special tar removal spray. This will avoid any caustic reaction, and easily clear the tar deposits.

You should also save your car from direct sunlight. Too much exposure to direct sun can lead to the dullness of your car’s paint. To avoid this, you can use car polish. Another suggestion is to use car waxes after coating the body with polish. This will give a new shine to your car’s exterior.

Lastly, protect your car from any dents. Denting would mean damage to your car’s paint. Therefore, it is better to drive and park safe, so that your car is safe from any dents. Stay safe, and you can be certain of your car’s companionship for years!

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