Dell 1600n Toner Based Lase

Dell 1600n Multifunction Laser Printer Specifications


This 4-in1 multifunction monochrome laser machine offers laser printing, copying, scanning, and faxing of documents. The print and copy speeds are very good as well as the quality of the outputs. The scanner is both monochrome and color and this device is network ready with a built in Ethernet port.

Features and Functionality


Dell rates the 1600n at 22 pages per minute for both copy and print speeds. 3rd party testing has shown these rates to be closer to 16 pages per minute for both text based and graphical prints, with graphics printing being 1-2 pages per minute faster than text based prints.

Paper Capacity:

This Dell model comes standard with a 250 sheet paper tray. The 1600n paper capacity can be increased to 500 pages by adding a second 250 sheet tray. The ADF holds another 50 sheets of paper. The output tray is limited to 150 sheets and can’t be expanded. The all-in-one 1600n can operate using plain or bonded paper, envelopes, card stock, and transparencies.


The dimensions of the Dell 1600n laser printer are 18″ H x 17.7″ W x 16.7″ D with a weight of 34.2 pounds. This is a decent size compared to competing model 4-in-1 printers.

Printer Capacity:

Dell rates the 1600n with a monthly duty cycle of 15,000 impressions. The durability and print speeds of the 1600n make it perfect for a smaller office setting. Larger workgroups should opt for a machine that is rated with a higher monthly capacity.

Output Quality:

Output quality of the prints and copies is 600 x 600 dpi. Prints from the 1600n show sharp edges and perfect lines. Color and grayscale consistency is wonderful. Text based prints and copies are produced in high quality as are graphics based documents.


The 1600n is designed for installation on a LAN for use in a workgroup environment. The built in Ethernet port allows for easy connection using a CAT5 Ethernet cable. After the physical installation the 1600n requires only a few steps using the onscreen menus to finish the setup and begin using the machine.


The Dell 1600n toner cartridge is required for proper operation. The standard yield cartridge is rated at 3,000 pages. The Dell 310-5417 toner cartridge is the high yield version and is rated at 5,000 pages. Owners should use the high yield Dell 1600n toner cartridge as a way of reducing their overall cost per print.


The Dell 1600n multifunction printer offers 4-in-1 functionality including monochrome laser printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. These functions are delivered with high quality results from this low cost machine from Dell.

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