The Main Problems Faced by Big Beautiful Women

Finding nice plus sized clothes is just one of the many problems faced by big beautiful women today. Even since the first publication of BBW Magazine in 1979 the trials and tribulations of the overweight lady have been sliced and diced by fashion and health commentators everywhere. The main issues they have faced include the following:

Diet Industry

If you look at it from one angle, the diet industry has been abusing overweight women for a long time. Of course having a higher than average BMI is not necessarily healthy for you, but when the world of the impossibly slim, perfectly toned figurines is slammed in the face of naturally large ladies, it becomes decidedly cruel.


Another area which is a major problem for big beautiful women is the health industry. Now again, of course being unhealthily overweight is a serious issue but the way the health industry goes about the issue is unbalanced. While it may well encourage healthy eating and exercise it does nothing about the cost of healthy food when compared to fast food and highly processed ‘food’. If it was cheaper and easier to access fruit and vegetables especially when compared to fast food, people would find it easier to stay in shape. The same goes for exercise. Shouldn’t some of the health budget be spent creating cheaper access to gyms and providing better available outdoor activities?

Clothing Industry

On top of the diet industry, the clothing industry has been discriminating against plus sized ladies for a long time. If you are a plus size 24 or plus size 30 you will often struggle to find plus sized clothes which match up to those of smaller sized women. The number of commercials and catwalks using stick thin models is an unfair representation of ‘normal’ sized women. Luckily nowadays there are designers like Gerry Webber and Wille who are designing gorgeous fashion for plus sized women.

Social Stigma
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One of the biggest problems facing big beautiful women is the social stigma still attached to being overweight. The diet, fashion and health industries do nothing to boost the confidence of plus sized women which tend to rub off on the general public. Victorian England was awash with worshipped plus sized women so why can’t there be a similar respect now? Just because we know it is not great for health reasons, there is no reason to allow our fellow human beings to be treated unfairly because of their size.

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