Answering Services

Smart businesses focus on their core competencies – they know who they are, and what they do better then everyone else. Because they know the direction they are heading, they are able to direct their resources to only those projects and endeavors that will help the company succeed. Often times it’s hard to make a decision on knowing what to cut, because it will come down to choosing between several good options. When it comes to customer service, though, it’s an easy decision. This is one aspect of your company that can be taken care of by an outside source, one whose core competency is providing service to you and your customers.

The term “core competencies” was defined in The Core Competencies of the Corporation, published in 1990, as a “cluster of extraordinary abilities or related ‘excellences’ that a firm acquires from its founders, after consistent striving over the years, and which cannot be easily imitated.”

What is an Answering Service?

A Las Vegas answering provider is a company that focuses exclusively on responding to calls, e-mails, letters, etc. that are sent in by customers from other companies. Instead of focusing on their own product, per se, they support large businesses in providing customer service. They provide technology, networks, and employees in a centralized location. Global companies, with thousands of customers, find it nearly impossible to keep up with demands of tech service and one-on-one interaction – outsourcing to an answering service provider can ensure that quality service is given every time, even as companies and consumer bases grow.

Take Advantage of Technology

Call centers are designed to handle bulk numbers of daily calls. Part of this comes from expensive technology. CTI dedicated servers, ACD devices, secure information databases, and adapted software are all needed to keep things running efficiently and the customers happy. VoIP PBX servers have developed to the point where they can run efficiently through the internet – when the internet access bill comes in, it’s easy to see how much money is saved when compared to expensive phone billing. Call centers are dedicated to improving their technology, and can focus on developing new and exciting ways to interact with customers, including your company.

CTI, specifically, has services that are not available on general networks. Automatic and predictive dialing, mixed data transfers between parties, call routing, and quality control monitoring. With information gathered through interactive voice recordings, agents can look up a caller on their database before even speaking to them, ensuring that both security and enough information is provided. Calls can be answered at any time, and are not dependent on your business hours. For every customer, there’s an agent at a console, and CTI is able to sort through information fast enough that they’ll be matched up within minutes. Save yourself the headache of trying to keep up when you could be focusing on more integral company matters.

Another recently developed idea is called Cloud communications, where information is stored in a separate database but can be accessed just by using the internet. CTI is constantly updating itself.

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