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Break Free of Broken Resolutions

The New Year has arrived and with it a myriad of resolutions, many focused on improving one’s diet. However, by the middle of February, the resolution list can be found in the refuse, next to the Twinkie and potato chip wrappers. Resolutions are a part of the human experience, part of the life cycle to be continued every year, but one destined to fail. They fail because there is a failure in the resolutions to plan for the rest of the year. It is easy to stay on the diet from January to mid-February. However, once the newness of the recently set goals wears off, and business and social engagements rise to a maddening crescendo, it’s back to the habits of last year. Sadly, this happens every year.

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Non-Antarctic Penguins

It is a fact of common knowledge that penguins are usually associated with Antarctica continent with severe cold and windy climate and endless snow drifts. It turns out that there are other species of Penguins, the location of which is rather far from Southern Pole and in dozen kilometers from equator – Galapagos Penguin species, for instance. Nearly 1000 pairs of them share the territory of two main islands: Fernandina and Isabella. No one knows for sure how they have got there, but most likely there was once a large iceberg from Antarctica reached the Galapagos by the Humboldt Current.

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Auto Suspension Parts: Know Your Vehicle

Imagine that you are traveling in your car and you encounter a large speed breaker in the middle of the route that you have to cross. You feel uncomfortable because you are aware your vehicle has a poor suspension system. However, if you had effective suspension parts installed, there was no need to worry about bumps or other similar hurdles. Suspension parts can help you to cross hurdles on the road smoothly.

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Why Is Hot Food Important?

Hot food is important because it changes the food we eat. It has both historical and current significance.

The heat created during cooking is an agent of a chemical process called denaturation which changes the proteins in food, unravelling the molecules and altering their physical and chemical properties. Depending on the proteins cooked, this causes them to decrease solubility or to cause hydrophobic proteins to bond together to reduce the total area exposed to water. Denaturation affects what food feels like, tastes like, looks like and smells like. A fried egg quite clearly shows denaturation and is a good example – the runny, clear egg white (albumen) reaches a set consistency and turns opaque white when heated. As with many denatured proteins, the process cannot be reversed, i.e. you cannot go back to raw egg once it has cooled down.

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Finding the Best Deals at Restaurants

The current precarious economic situation has many South Africans looking to find the most possible value for their money. You can do this by finding the best deals at restaurants Johannesburg. This means that you can now still enjoy yourself and treat yourself without spending a lot of money.

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Tricks to Teach Your Hamster

Before You Start

hamsterBefore we discuss tricks to teach your hamster, here are some basic facts you need to consider. Buy a hamster that is 4-7 weeks of age. That way they can start learning tricks young. Hamsters live to around 3-4 years old.

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How Can Diabetes Affect Hair Loss?

Being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes is enough of a shock without having to think about all of the possible complications that can come along with it. Some complications are understandable and can be dealt with one way or another. But others can have a greater impact on one’s life, especially a woman’s life in particular. Hair loss is one of those areas.
Mexico medications
How can diabetes affect hair loss? The fact is it really isn’t a matter of hair loss as much as it is a lack of hair replacement. The average human loses hair every day and will replace the hair at almost the same rate as they fall out. But diabetics do not replenish their hair follicles as quickly as they are falling out, giving the individual the impression they are actually losing their hair… even balding.

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The Great New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

With New Zealand now being synonymous with great white wines – arguably the best when it comes to Sauvignon blanc – I thought it would be good to take a brief look at five stunners from that lovely continent.

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A Possible Cure for Type 2 Diabetes

In its early stages Type 2 diabetes is caused by insulin resistance. As the disease progresses, beta cells in the pancreas can fail to make insulin and injections become necessary. Researchers at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, set out to discover whether the disease could be reversed before progression to beta cell destruction could take place.

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Driving When You Have Diabetes

A big concern for newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetics is how their disease will affect their driving. For those who are keeping their blood sugar levels in check and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, they need only to keep their disease under close scrutiny. But for others, Type 2 diabetes may mean the difference in whether they can keep their driving license or if it will have to be surrendered.

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Entering The Profession Of Childcare

Working with young children can be a very challenging experience, and it can also be an extremely rewarding one. If you love working with very young children, but don’t want to be an elementary school teacher, maybe you should think about working with children in the early childhood years. Going to school to get the training you need can help you become the best at working with young and curious children who are ready to learn all kinds of new things.

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How To Harness Your Stamina and Feel Great

Are you the type of person who prefers to stay indoors rather than spending time outdoors?

Let us look at this – did you know that you are lacking that perfect exposure to negative ions when you are spending a lot of time indoors? Additionally, spending a lot of time indoors can cause fatigue, can lead to poor motivation and moods, can make you feel pain and aches easily, and the feeling like you are sick all the time.

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Biotechnology and Ultrasound Technology

Ultrasound Technology
Ultrasound makes use of sound waves of high in pitch that humans cannot hear them. It has become a great boon to medical science. Using ultrasound, doctors can peer deep inside every part of the body without cutting it. Cardiologists can see which blood vessels are thickened or obstructed and which muscles are being starved of blood. The sound waves are used by ophthalmologists to treat tumours in the eye, as well as to relive the pressure that causes glaucoma. A Urologist use the ultrasound to pulverize kidney stones. Unlike X-rays, ultrasound has no harmful effect compared with other body imaging systems, it’s also fast and portable and cheap. It eliminates screws and glues in plastic products. Ultrasound is a sound energy in the forms of high range frequency waves. It is used to locate the object.

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Travel and Tourism Courses

It is natural for a student to consider travel and tourism courses and many more, when choosing a career and training. The reality is that the travel and tourism industry offers a lot more than many others especially if you have good training and a range of useful skills. Find out all about the benefits of taking such a course and working in this industry.

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Ear Infection Symptoms

A collection of ear infection symptoms can be involved when someone has otitis media. What is this condition? Otitis media comes from Latin and refers to an infection of the inner ear. Let’s take a look at some of the symptoms that may present in this condition.

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Flossing For Good Heart Health

As well as brushing your teeth regularly and going for regular dental checkups, it is very important that you also floss regularly -2 or 3 times a week at least (but preferably on a daily basis). Some people will only floss when they can feel food stuck in between their teeth, but there may be smaller pieces of food in there, that you can’t feel and which will be rotting away and causing bad breath.

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How Upper Cervical Care Can Eliminate Your Back Pain

What is upper cervical care?

Cervical is a term that means relating to the neck. And upper is referring to the top most part of the neck. It is a safe, natural and drug-free chiropractic procedure that is scientifically proven to restore communication from the brain to the body by realigning the first and second vertebra of the neck. This correction revives your body’s natural ability to heal itself

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A Diet Plan for Those With Diabetes

If you are a diabetic patient, then you must give importance to the food for diabetics. If you do not care about what you eat, then the condition may get worse. There are some products that you should include in your diet to control diabetes and there are some products that can make your condition worse. It is quiet likely for the diabetic patients to get confused about what they should eat and what they should avoid. Therefore, this article provides information about the diabetic foods that can help diabetic patients.

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Building Code – Safe and Boring Houses for Everyone

Whether you know it or not, most areas in Canada require a permit for new construction and structural repairs. Curiously, as builders and restorers, we’ve found that the first question that comes up in a discussion of building permits with homeowners is not the cost of, or necessity for, a permit. It is, instead, whether homeowners agree with the process of obtaining a permit for work taking place on their own homes.

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Getting Your Car Winter Ready

Preparing your car for winter is an important chore to deal with. It means the safety of your family and you. Here are some aspects that you need to pay attention to when it comes to prepping your car for the onslaught of snowy winter.

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