Finding Your Happiness Today

The secret to happiness lies beneath the foundations of our mind…Finding your happiness today is how your move forward.Creep down that winding stair of your mind and find what is nudging you forward.

Through the mist you’ll be find happiness.

It might be a dusty tennis racket, and old car part, a torn piece of a manuscript that once gave you inspiration.

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What you bring up from that winding stairway of your mind will excite you.
This moment that you give to yourself is timeless and will trickle your dreams to come.
You are begging yourself to finding your happiness, but it is within happiness that you find love of your life…

Those old running shoes, the broken piano, the half built project.
Bring them back to NOW and feel what you felt like when you did those activities.

Don’t let life’s distraction take you away from your life dreams…
Play a little and let your life grow on a path with the right rhythm and soul.

When it feels like there is chattering of the mind it will be tough to concentrate, don’t let the chattering distract or it will suck you away from what you love on your path. Let it be and move over toward the quietness of your mind and continue to grow with your life dreams. Going in the right direction and be aware of signs that relate to what you saw in the basement of your mind!

Living with life’s heavy burdens all of a sudden are whisped silently away when you are moving in the direction of your dreams.

This is Your life…

Don’t waste anymore time, finding your happiness today is about how to get back on the right track and out of the haze and blur of life.

Most of us live life missing the train to the right path, we are not paying attention to the way we feel…
We are living zombies.

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It takes discipline and patience, there is a part inside us all that just doesn’t want to take the time to pay attention. That part of us has very little belief that life can get better, that part thinks we are suppose to go through unhappiness!

Ask yourself this, “Is that part of me that lives life, any fun?”
If you answered, “No”
You are probably living life struggling and not understanding why!


You are constantly and repeatedly living your angers, your sadness, and your depressions, even though you may have a great job, a wonderful family, and a super spouse that does everything that you want. Your life still does not seem right.

It’s time to live for you. Try to quiet your mind with meditation. Imagine going to the depths of your mind and seeing what is down there. It might surprise you.

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