What does your career goal mean to you?

Most people do not even have a goal. But for those who have a goal, you should at least have a general idea what the goal means to you. If not, it is quite as good as being without one.

Whichever path you are going to take, the journey to success is not going to be an easy one. Without strong determination and perseverance, it is highly unlikely that you will make it through the entire journey. Most people will get lost half way through the journey. Most people will give up in the mist of the journey. It is only when you have a very strong reason why you must achieve your goals, you would then have the motivation to stay determine and persevere to ensure you complete the journey with sweet victories.

For instance, I am after money. My goal is to make lots of money. What does money means to me? Why is money a great motivator for me? Honestly, if I cannot answer this question well, I would give up the journey to making money as soon as I begin to embark on that journey. The moment I’m faced with hardship (got turned down during interviews; got a lot of scolding and shits and craps from colleagues to supervisors to clients; give up personal time to work and work; hard time finding clients; hard time closing deals, work during weekends even holidays; sacrifices after sacrifices), if money does not mean a lot to me, I would have given up long time ago. I would still be the same old Joe on the street today.

I was driven very hard by my desire to be able to spend more time with my love ones, to live in a nicer house, to live without fear of being retrenched, to live without having the need to withstand bad attitudes from bosses or colleagues or clients. To me, money means freedom. Having money means having freedom. It means having a life I can call my own.

However, I also would like to highlight that when you begin making money, you have to know when is enough enough. It is always a bigger carrot to chase: a bigger house, nicer car, shinier toys, but remember to STOP (Stick to the original plan). Your goal is freedom, getting a life you can call your own, not shiner toys.

Money means different things to different people. If you are also after money, regardless of what it means to you, more importantly, you must know why it matters to you so much. If it does not matter to you, it would probably be pointless pursue. Go after some other things that matters.

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