Steps in the right direction for quantity surveying

As a quantity surveyor, you will perform a very important job; as the person that makes a busy construction company tick, it is critical that you have as much experience as possible.

The first step to beginning a career in surveying is undertaking a formal course of study that is accredited by either the RICS or the CIOB, or both. However, graduating from one of these programmes may not be enough on its own to guarantee your first job in the industry.

Experience is key in the surveying industry, so upon graduating, it would be beneficial to search out work experience as a quantity surveyor before looking for your first full-time quantity surveying job. Work experience will help you to get ahead in finding quantity surveying jobs because, after undertaking it, you’ll already know some of the responsibilities required of you.

Construction companies who are looking to hire good quantity surveyors look for some proof of dedication, which is another bonus to seeking out work experience, as if you’ve taken on unpaid work as a quantity surveyor, you’re proving that you committed to the job enough to train for it seriously.

Today’s quantity surveying jobs include many more responsibilities than they once did; you’ll be in charge of everything from producing tender documents to preparing final cost assessments and bills of services. As such, it is to your advantage to try to get experience in as a wide range of quantity surveying activities as possible. This allows you to develop your skill set more effectively, which will be advantageous should you consider a career move later down the line.

In this competitive job market, you will want every opportunity to get ahead. For that reason, work experience as a quantity surveyor can only help in the search for a good position and in securing your success in the future. A solid work experience background can also help you to negotiate a higher salary if you are offered a full time position at the company.

While professional work experience is always valued, for new workers hoping to get quantity surveying jobs, taking on a work experience position in the field is an important step on the career ladder. After taking the proper courses in school and university, it will still put you above the rest if you can submit an application showing various work experience positions in the quantity surveying field.

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