Schizophrenia Symptoms: Identify Them and Save Our Loved Ones

Schizophrenia is often mistaken as multiple personalities or split personality. As a matter of fact, it is a condition in which a person is split off from reality. This disorder is not rare; it is found in 1 out of 100 people. It is also not true that schizophrenia sufferers are dangerous. Despite their delusional thoughts and hallucinations, people with the disorder are not a threat to other people. The two symptoms above are the most common symptoms of this disorder. Delusional thoughts cause the person to believe in something that is not true. Often times, this person will express their ideas or belief to others and force them to believe. On the other hand, hallucinations happen when a person hear or see things which are not there. Other schizophrenia symptoms include disorganized speech and behavior that makes the sufferer talk in bizarre ways, starting a topic and ending it with a completely different topic, and responding to questions by giving totally unrelated answers. Another tell-tale sign is the lack of emotions.

If you notice that some of your loved ones seem to detach themselves from the world, it is a good sign that they are suffering from schizophrenia symptoms. People with this disorder always think and believe that others are watching them all the time and trying to hurt them. They are always suspicious with everything that is going on around them, and they think that the whole world is conspiring against them. Those people often experience severe depression, over sleeping, insomnia and inappropriate laughter or crying. They may also pay little or no attention to the way they look; men suffering from this condition usually don’t bother to shave or shower whilst women no longer put on makeup or take a good care of their appearance. Therefore, schizophrenics usually have messy hair and dark circles under their eyes due to lack of sleep.

Everything that is going on in these people’s lives scares them and thus they isolate themselves from the world. They will also neglect their regular activities and people who try to get close to them. This will lead to poor performance at work or in school. Co-workers and school mates may start to stay away from schizophrenia sufferers due to their strange and irrational behavior. However, it is not true that people suffering from this mental disorder cannot be helped. With the support and affection from family and friends, those suffering from the condition can be cured. They will be able to get their normal life back and live it to the fullest. Hence, the ability to identify schizophrenia symptoms is crucial in order to help those suffering from the condition.

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