Avoid Arthritis Knee Surgery

If your knees are aching and it hurts to climb the stairs, kneel over to pick anything up or work in your garden you likely have or have already been diagnosed with arthritis – osteoarthritis. Maybe you’ve already had a series of knee injections and take a lot of anti-inflammatory medications but you still are feeling the knee pain. And now you’re thinking about arthritis knee surgery – knee replacement surgery.

Many doctors give you something to take away or relieve the pain but there are many others who try to approach the pain in a different way. If osteoarthritis is the only diagnosis you have that affects your knees then there are some things you can do or try. Assuming you have been cleared by your doctors to exercise your knees that is. When you look at x-rays of the knees you can see that there isn’t much support anymore for the knees and many think their only option is knee replacement surgery. Knee replacement surgery is expensive and only lasts for between 10 and 15 years or so. Plus you’ll have plenty of exercises you’ll need to do after the surgery and physical therapy.

The doctors who are not in favor of exercise for the knees are in a way contributing to more health problems such as obesity and diabetes from inactivity and lack of exercise and the accompanying depression from loss of mobility etc.

You probably know right now whether you’ll be capable of doing some exercises or if your physician insists that you not do them and you disagree, seek out a second opinion.

The areas of exercise you might consider once you’ve been cleared by your doctor are resistance training, stretching and endurance exercise.

Resistance training strengthens the muscles surrounding the knees in a safe range of motion which restores the ability to absorb shock. This will help the stress put on the knee joints and reduce or relieve the pain or some of it. Start slowly and when you are warmed up.

You want to stretch your thigh and hamstring muscles about 15 minutes a day or so. This will help your knees become more flexible and also reduce the stress on your joints and relieve pain. Be careful when stretching that you don’t overdo it and make sure your body is warmed up first.

Endurance exercise – this may be the hardest or easiest to do of the three. This would include low impact activities like cycling, walking, and the elliptical machine at your local health club or gym unless you have one at home. Do these for about 15 to 30 minutes continuously. This will also help to relive stress on your arthritic knees and give you some arthritis pain relief.

Make sure you do the exercises carefully because you don’t want to make the pain in your knees worse. If done properly many have avoided getting arthritis knee surgery (knee replacement surgery.) Consider changing to eating a lot more fruits and veggies in your diet. I cured myself of arthritis and breast cancer) several years ago with a raw foods diet (living foods.) This may prevent future damage to your arthritis knee joints and other joints in your body like it did for me.

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