Blue Hawaii and a Good Cup of Joe

Blue Hawaii and a Good Cup of Joe

I will never forget my first trip to Hawaii. People always talk about their amazing trips to Hawaii, so I decided to put a trip together and go. I booked a package deal to four islands with three weeks in Hawaii. After obtaining my rental car and finding myself on a simple two-lane road, I navigated a short drive east to the beach on the beautiful island of Maui. I could hardly drive as I was feeling the jet-lag. I was already pretty exhausted from my job and life in Los Angeles. Suddenly the bright blue ocean comes into view and I find myself driving along side the beach. It was so beautiful and I was so tired that I pulled my car over on a little drive-off area. I grabbed my towel and walked up the embankment. Looking around at the blue water,I could feel the gentle wind that was blowing the nearby palms. I stood there and laughed, saying out loud, “No wonder everyone comes to Hawaii, this is fantastic.”

I threw my towel down on the soft white sand and with a happy sigh collapsed in exhaustion. Looking sideways out towards the blue water, I took a big breath of fresh air, closed my eyes and slept for the next three hours letting the island heal me. Waking up, I jumped into the ocean and swam for an hour. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to arrive in the Hawaiian Islands. After four fabulous days snorkeling and sailing on Maui, I made my way to the Big Island. The first order of business was to drink a good cup of Joe! Kona coffee was on the top of my list. Although I am a self-professed lover of green tea, once in a while there is nothing like a good cup of the brown savory brew, especially in Hawaii and especially in Kona, known for its coffee. My daily ritual started off with drinking a cup of coffee, and then snorkeling at the beach. From there I would drive around the island while listening to Hawaiian radio. It was easy to stop on the side of the road for some fresh pineapple and mango. I found myself smiling a lot while learning about the island and enjoying the people. I made sure so wear flowers in my hair, look out across blue waters, and enjoy colorful sunsets.

It is very easy to navigate the simple two-lane roads that take you to the small local towns, volcanoes, and beaches for snorkeling and hiking. No wonder Hawaii is one of the top vacation destinations. With wonderful vacation packages, Hawaii has a lot of great deals to accommodate travelers. It’s also a cruise line destination. The majestic cruise ships off shore are something to see as well as a popular way to tour the islands. Hawaii is also a crossroads in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with Asian travelers from Japan, Korea and Indonesia. It is truly a place where East meets West with its roots from Polynesia, and the influence of Asian and American cultures apparent throughout the islands.

Hawaii will work its magic on you. Driving the backside of the Big Island, you will find the long strands of Pele’s volcanic hair reaching in curves and waves down to the ocean. Groves of palm trees sway and talk to you in the wind. Turtles swim and float with you in the water. Seeing reddish-orange hot lava flow down the hill in Crater Park, is something you will always remember. The night stars are so bright above, you hold your breath, taking in the majesty of it all. Hawaii is a place of nature, romance, relaxation and history. It is truly an island paradise across a blue sea.

*A cup of Joe is an American nickname for a cup of coffee.