Build an Outdoor Grill Your Way

Building a brick outdoor grill is not as difficult as it seems. It might only eat up some of our time, like two consecutive weekends, and the cost might also be higher than that of the metal grill. However, it can be assured that a brick outdoor grill is something that we can use long-term, which can compensate for the effort and money that will be spent. Besides, a metal grill really does come cheap because its lifespan is expected to be short. It will cost us more if we ask somebody else to construct the brick outdoor grill for us, but this is not necessary anymore because we can actually do it ourselves. Here are the steps and tips on how to build it:

1. Decide how big the grill will have to be. That way, we can estimate the number of bricks and the amount of mortar that have to be bought. Aside from bricks and mortar, several concrete anchors and plywood must also be bought.

2. Decide where to build the grill. One good tip is to build it on a stable surface and never on an uneven one. Another tip is to construct a grill that has legs as this will be very convenient for the user.

3. On the ground, measure a square with a similar size as the grill to be built and put four bricks on all four corners, which will serve as the legs. Mortar up and brick up the legs of up to approximately three feet tall. Make sure that the legs are being built evenly.

4. Cut a piece of plywood that is thirty six inches longer and wider than the dimensions used for the legs. Concrete anchors may be used so that the plywood will be securely attached to the bricks.

5. Two rows of bricks must be placed on top of the plywood. A very important tip is to apply a fireproof mortar for sealing cracks. Otherwise, hot coals will reach the plywood.

6. The edge of the grill must be mortared with bricks until they are approximately eighteen inches high. Make sure that this is being done in an evenly manner.

7. The last step is to find and buy a grill grate with the exact dimensions as the newly-built grill.

After doing the abovementioned step-by-step instructions, we are now ready to try our new brick outdoor grill. It is not so hard to build one, isn’t it? Besides, even if we find it difficult to build, the finish product is something that will really make us proud.