Cancer – My Old Story, Understanding The Cure!

Cancer! That is the name for it. It can bring many different unpleasant thoughts, but when you hear your Doctor say the word all of a sudden you are numb. All of a sudden you are the other guy. They must be mistaken. But no, you have it and it is real and “you” must decide what you will do about it.

In my case back in 1995, I was told I had three different kinds of terminal cancer. We had just buried my Father a few years before after a dreadful bout with cancer using the finest that modern medicine had to offer, we thought we had done our best for him but I watched him melt in pain and the most humiliation he had ever suffered in his lifetime from the radiation and chemo. A sarcoma was growing on my back, my lymph glands were cancerous and then an egg size tumor on my left kidney was found. My Doctors let the sarcoma get by them. I had kinked my neck and after three days of excruciating pain I freed it up with summer-salts; but at that spot almost right between my shoulders, a lump started to grow after about two months, they thought it was a lump of fat. It was later found to be a deadly sarcoma. My Doctor brought in specialists and they recommended I go to OHSP, in Portland Oregon for the major operation because they thought the roots had likely progressed into my spine.

cancer and you

The day before my operation my people had gathered in my brother-in-law’s motor home that he had brought to the parking lot of the hospital. We watched the 1995 Super Bowl; all vowing to meet every year there after with hugs and tears knowing full well that likelihood. As I realize now half of them younger than me have since past.

About one month earlier when we first suspected a problem my daughter had started me on something called Pycnogenol, from pine bark and grape seed. In the week prior to my operation my people brought me some Essiac Tea and some info from the Herbal Healer Academy called “The Calling of An Angel” by Doctor Gary Glumm.

When the Doctors went into my back they were surprised to see that the tumor had what they called “capsulated” the tumor was in a sack, no fingering roots like they feared. I believe maybe the sack indicated my resistance had overcome the sarcoma though it was as big as half a grapefruit.

In the recovery room the nurse was concerned when she was testing me, and said I had been away for a short time, but it looked like I had made it all the way back, “he he.” I was happy too and so thankful to God to be here but before they released me from OHSP an MRI showed an egg size tumor on my left kidney. The Doctors said that can be removed back home. I asked “the tumor or the kidney?” They chuckled and said “the kidney.”

The plan was after a few weeks of recovery I was to have the kidney removed and then begin a regiment of chemo. If everything went according to plan I should have at least a year and a half to live… That was 1996, today is December 2010, up-date Sept 21, 2011.

Do I think I am a smarty pants? I may sound that way because I am so confident in what I have discovered that I just can’t wait to tell people, but believe me I am so thankful to God for this extra time I just want to do “something good” for somebody? So please see my words as coming from a most humble soul.

I never took any chemo or radiation partly because of timing but mostly because I wanted to see if the tumor was indeed going to cost me my kidney. I got into the “Essiac Tea” in a strong way; I drank at least my 4oz. a day and “I tried to eat a better diet.” We watched the tumor shrink from eggs size to the size of a dime over a three month period with the ultra-sound thing. The problem with the lymph nodes disappeared and the Doctor declared me cancer free in late 1996 and I haven’t looked back since.

Today I am 73, I watch my blood pressure with a prescription capsule but I am healthy as a horse in most every way except I’m not quite as fast as I was once. But let me tell you what I have found out…

Lately I have been more and more driven to tell people that you don’t have to die from cancer! I have told my story time and again but most folks just don’t understand that miracles really do exist. Folks sometimes are skeptical about the words of a common man, and if we are not rich or famous, then we don’t know or count. You will soon see that the strange things I tell you are true to the core and when linked together like connecting the dots they reveal secrets beyond all imagination.

I have realized that we are all 99.9% the same inside to a perfect blue print according to science. Now I know this is the hard one, it was for me; we look different because of our shape but on the inside the mechanism is all the same. That is what those biology books really meant to say. Throughout our lives we are told that we are an individual like no one else, so much so that we believe we are physically different. Trust me we all need the same things to survive; according to science we have over Three Billion parts. Wow, all working together in real time; how long does it take you to cuss when you stub your toe? Now that is a phenomenon.

Actually these little parts or cells are so small we must have a microscope to see them. And with our finest high-tech computerized scope science has discovered that inside each one of those tiny cells is a DNA ribbon that contains over Three Billion segments; one segment for each cell in our body. According to science it is in this tiny world inside each of our cells, this is where “all of our growth and all of our repair takes place, period.” Now that is something to think on. In a world this small what can we do to help that growth and repair?

*I suppose our smallest high-tech instrument would probably work no better than a screw-driver and a pair of pliers.
*We can only see the shadows of these tiny segments with our finest high-tech computerized microscope; these thing are tiny!

So if we go to connect the dots of all the things that we know to be true… I mean forget everything what our commercial TV has told us for a lifetime and consider that we are greatly guided by public opinion and the politically correct.

Man has survived many thousands of years, “without modern medicine.”

#1 we are all 99.9% the same to a perfect “blue print.”

#2 we all need the same things to survive.

#3 we were constructed from one tiny cell by a system that has built this masterpiece from the dust of the ground into over Three Billion cells that all work together in positive perfection. Only God could have done this and only His creation can do any repairing to itself. If we cut our finger, all of the salve and band aids and high-tech in the world cannot do “any” healing, if our own God given life system fails, we die, period!

#4 I love my Doctors and Nurses; they are real people dedicated to helping folks. But they are governed by the law of the congress to what they can do and say through the AMA and the insurance companies and even criminal charges.

#5 if we look into the tiny world that is the foundation of our existence realistically we have but three choices;
We can only damage those little segments physically.
We can poison them with the chemo and prescription Drugs and we can make them everyone sick, quick, or a third choice, we can feed them what they need to be the best they can be.

cancer and your life

#6 I believe it all comes down to the minerals, we are made of minerals, just like everything on this earth. Minerals are the dust of the earth, the 90 some elements. According to science we have all of them in the make up of our bodies, most of them in trace amounts except for the biggie, “calcium.” “Them Bones”, Calcium comes from deep in the ground where the roots of the alfalfa plant dig to find the water they so love. But the water is just the conveyor of the calcium and other wonderful minerals the plant uses to build it’s roots, stem, leaves and it’s everything so that a big old happy cow can chew it over and over again to process the milk, white, with calcium for our tummies, bones, joints, tendons, arteries and literally everything needing strength right down to our cell walls. Our entire life system requires a continual supply of fresh calcium forever, it is hard to assimilate and too often as we age we may not get enough. (apple cider vinegar helps)

#7 The logic of this concept is that if we are to realize that our food has the most influence on our development both physical and psychological then we can easily see the answer is in the minerals. We all need the same variety no matter what we are facing; in order to maintain we need to supply our system with what it needs to be its best. Herbs are food, they contain concentrates of minerals and through the years Man has found certain Herbs to be quite beneficial. One we know that is surely the best known world-wide and approved by nearly every experienced Doctor; is “White Willow Bark” or Aspirin.

I know we may have a hard time relating our situation to this concept, but maybe no matter what the problem, broken leg or brain tumor it is only our own God given system that can heal and we must take care of that system…

I have put everything that I believe into one thing and I call it “Easyak Kookies”… In my travels I have discovered a long history of an Herbal Formula learned from an old Ojibwa Indian Medicine Man back in the 1920s. It is called today “Essiac Tea” thanks to a wonderful nurse named “Rene Caisse.” (last name spelled backwards) You can find most of that history on the web under those names. The non-commercial history will tell of miraculous recoveries by patients that had been rejected as hopeless. The Amish People believe it is an absolute cure-all…Herbal Healer

Today I am out again trying to spread the word that you can survive cancer, and many other body born conditions with just the understanding of why and how we get here. I believe it is the minerals that we need, and the exercise to properly assimilate them, but most of all it is the resolve and the focus in the right direction.

If you believe you will try harder to learn and do what you know you need. I think;
1 we need to get clean inside with a “Candida Cleanse” maybe.
2 drink too much water, stay soft and moving.
3 get on the minerals Milk, Slim-fast, Ensure, Essiac Tea, Easyak Kookies, fish, improve your diet, get slim if you are not (intake/output)
4 apple cider vinegar, (capsule, pill), more veggies, fruits, juices. An aspirin a day.
5 the most important part is you. Try some music and make some moves. You must know that God meant for you to be the best you can be for as long as you can and that He is in your heart as in mine to help in any way He can.

Teddy Daw The Medicine Man

To me the most important thing I want to stress, it would be that you are not alone. You are not the first to have this slap in the face called cancer. It is what you do from here, or what you will do if cancer ever comes. Remember God made us all the same way inside, we all have the same parts even though they may have shifted a bit because of our flexible flesh, but we all need the same things to survive, period!