Creating the Perfect Game Room

When it comes to game nights at your apartment, suffice to say you are the host with the most. Trivial Pursuit, Life, Pictionary… you got a ‘monopoly’ on them all. But how do you go about turning an ordinary apartment living area into a world-class game room?

First things first – you are going to want to decide which room of your new apartment is going to be transformed into a gamer’s paradise. The living room is an obvious choice, but you might want that reserved for… well… everyday living. An ideal option is to transform a spare bedroom into the entertainment den of your dreams, just be sure to choose a space that works best for you.

Once the location has been confirmed, you’ll need some basic furniture items to complete the transformation. The room’s centerpiece will obviously be the gaming table, so be sure and choose this item carefully. Take measurements of the room, and decide what size table you can actually fit, as opposed to what you would like to fit. That mahogany 8 footer on Craigslist might be the table poker player’s dream of, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get it through the doorway. Work within a realistic frame, and that goes for your budget as well. Many reversible game tables can be found at outlets like Sears for as little as $200.

Once you have the centerpiece of your apartment game room nailed down, it’s time to start thinking about the fun stuff – the details, mon! Sometimes the most clichéd decorations make for the most fun – throw up some velvet Elvis paintings, and a picture of dogs playing poker is a must. A dry erase board is always a good idea for score keeping, and if you plan to include a dart board in your new pleasure den you will most certainly want to invest in a backing board of some type (less ye lose your deposit!).

Unless you plan to shell out some big bucks for a felt-covered Vegas-style table top, consider picking up a portable (and oftentimes reversible) one instead. Usually retailing for around $65, these handy items will give you the feel of a real-deal table as well as the flexibility to go mobile if so required. Another $50 will net you some quality playing cards and some casino-style poker chips, both worthy investments in the long haul. Remember, you want your new apartment game room to reflect you – in other words, take some time and make it a winner!