Diabetes Myths Shattered

A condition that affects many Americans in their day to day lives is a disease called diabetes. Undoubtedly, most people know someone who is either a friend or family member who battles this disease. Forget about the most of the hearsay that people who don’t know what they are talking about tell us about the disease. Because of this, there are a few diabetes myths in circulation that must be set straight.

One of the first myths about this affliction that can be dispelled immediately is that this is not a serious disease. Yes, it is true that many Americans live with this disease everyday, but this does not mean that it is not a serious disease. Technology has merely made this condition more manageable than in the past. With the addition of insulin pumps to the equation, people just don’t hear or see diabetics talking about their problems anymore.

Another common misconception about this disease is that if a person is overweight or obese, they will develop type two diabetes. Weight is just one factor in developing this disease and cannot create a case on its own. The other factors that must contribute to getting this affliction are family history, age and ethnicity all are deciding risk factors for developing this disease.

Eating too much sugar and sweets will also not cause diabetes from implanting itself in the body. This is probably the biggest misconception about the disease itself. While some cases do exist where this plays a helping role in the development of diabetes, it is more due to the fact that the other risk factors are also present. Someone who is not at risk may be able to eat sweats all day, every day without ever getting diabetes.

Finally, one of the last misconceptions about diabetes is the food choice for diabetics. There are foods that can aid a diabetic but for the most part, they should eat a healthy diet just like anyone else. Their bodies need the same nutrients, minerals, and fluids that everyone else does. Not eating correctly and avoiding foods will be detrimental to a diabetic’s health rather than helpful.

Diabetes myths should be dispelled as soon as they arise because it is unfair to treat a diabetic like they have a stigma around them. In most cases, their everyday lives are the same as people without the condition, except for the fact that they have to take an insulin injection or some other medication to control the disease.

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