Digital Camera Repair: Perceived Turnaround Time

Digital Camera Repair: Perceived Turnaround Time

For Digital Camera Repair, what is turnaround time and how is it calculated? Turnaround time is the measurement of time it takes a service provider to repair or process the repair of a given product. Depending on how one looks at it, one could assume that it includes the time the product is received by the service provider up until the time it leaves their facility. Or perhaps it is the overall experience time of the consumer for the repair of their camera including transit both to and from the repair facility. Some might even consider it the actual time a technician needs to perform the actual details of the repair.

As recently as five years ago, turnaround times of 4 to 6 weeks were quoted frequently to digital camera repair consumers across the United States. For some people, this didn’t make sense given this logic: a digital camera lets you see the image in as quickly as 2 seconds, a film camera image is processed at the fastest in about an hour. If a one hour image camera takes 6 weeks to repair (through a depot from anywhere in the country) then the customer’s expectation for a 2 second image camera repair would be 33 minutes from when they dropped off the repair to when they picked it up or was delivered. You can understand the logic but it’s not quite realistic!

Every consumer of a broken digital camera seeking camera repair has his/her own unique expectations and budget for the repair. The most common questions asked are 1) Can it be fixed 2) For much 3) How long will it take

Before you send your camera in for repair, these questions should be addressed by contacting the repair service provider directly. In the mind of the individual repair consumer, turnaround time expectation is whatever research they have done to establish such expectation and their own individual need (next week is my kid?s graduation and now the camera is broken). The consumer always has the option of replacing the camera and many times the cost of new product in relation to repair cost and turnaround time quotations prompts them to do exactly that.

Customers’ Expectations for service time have changed dramatically in the digital age of instant gratification and extended warranties. Whether these expectations are realistic or not, only the service provider can determine based on the ability of their individual business practices. In general, however, if it sounds too good to be true, chances are there’s a catch and perhaps the quality of your repair experience will suffer.