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Grading Your Homeschool Methods and Motives

As a homeschool family, if you had to change your life in such a way as to prevent you from homeschooling, what would you miss most? It’s an interesting question to ask. Then, if you had to put that thought into a written sentence about that one thing, how would it read? That is my challenge to you. Limit yourself to one thing only, for the sake of this exercise, and don’t think in terms of conjunctions and compound sentences, although I know you will be tempted to! Write out one sentence about the single thing that you would miss the most if you had to give up homeschooling. What does it say about you and your homeschool program?

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How to Make Spelling Worksheets to Improve Spelling

Some kids seem to be natural spellers, and others are, well, the opposite. Here is a simple spelling strategy that can be used for all students: average spellers, or those above or below average.

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How to Create a Homeschool Curriculum

Creating a curriculum for your home school can be quite a daunting task. Knowing what subjects to teach, how to teach them and what materials are best to use can be overwhelming. However with patience you will discover that there are a variety of methods to build a homeschool curriculum that will be beneficial for your child.

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Homeschooling During The Summer Months

For homeschooling parents, what to do during summertime can be a difficult question. Most children who attend public and private schools are outside enjoying their summer vacation. Children who are home schooled may find that learning does not stop for them all because the weather becomes warmer. As a parent it can be difficult to teach children who wish they were outside enjoying all the delights that summer has to offer with other neighborhood children. You can get around the summertime blues by bringing summer enjoyment to the homeschooling experience.

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Home Schooling Your Child With Learning Disabilities

Children are often bullied and teased during their school years. For children with learning disabilities this teasing can be relentless and make them terrified to go to school each day. Being in special education classes carry with it a certain stigma, causing other students to ridicule and judge the students in these classes. Often times, safety can become an issue and students have to be sent to other schools. Many parents at this point choose to home school their child who has learning disabilities. By home schooling their child, they can insure these bullying will not occur during the school day.

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Choosing the right home schooling curriculum

After much thought and consideration, you have made the choice to home school your children. You are confident in you choice knowing your children will not be a casualty of budget cuts and overcrowding. You will teach your children, and who else can provide a better education then their own parent? But choosing the right home schooling curriculum is a very personal decision and based on many factors. You will need to look at many things to make your decision into what type of curriculum your children will follow. When researching curriculum for home schooling you will find there are many options available. If you are new to homes schooling, choosing home schooling curriculum may be overwhelming. Many parents who home school do not have a background in education or may work full time outside the home so need more support when choosing curriculum for their children. In this case, choosing a packaged curriculum will be the best option. With a packaged curriculum, everything will come included. The textbooks, tests, teaching aides, report cards, everything you need to successfully home school your children. Parents who are not able to devote all their time to the home schooling of their children will find this option very beneficial. Often, when using a packaged curriculum, you will have the support of trained and credentialed support staff to assist and answer questions when needed. You also have the option of enrolling your children in an online school so they are taught by teachers via the Internet.

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Homeschooling: Things that You Need to Know

Homeschooling is the provision of education in a home setting. It is an independent study guided by a correspondent school for the benefit of getting a diploma. Commonly, the parents are the teachers and the whole family participates, but there are also some parents who hire tutors to do this job. The entire academic study does not only happen at home; various trips to libraries, museums and churches are sometimes arranged for the learner, and these are termed as extra-curricular activities.

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642-611 Simulation

642-611 Exam Information
Exam Number: 642-611
Associated Certifications: CCIP
Duration: 90 minutes (55-65 questions)
Available Languages: English
Exam Policies: Read current policies and requirements
Exam Tutorial: Review type of exam questions

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Elementary Workbooks

Young children have the capability to learn at a rapid pace. In a sense, children are learning machines, constantly acquiring new knowledge as they see, feel, listen, discover, bang, talk, run, drop, poke, sing, rummage, break, and interact. At the same time, early learning develops the neurological connections in a child’s brain, which shape their ability to learn for years to come. Because of this, the early years of education are integral to the future intellectual development of a child.

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Subdue Guilt about Art Instruction in Your Homeschool

If you have ever felt guilty about neglecting the subject of art history or art instruction in your homeschool, stop now. There are solutions to attack this problem that will work for your family.

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Homeschool Preschool

If the word “teaching” is hanging you up, think of it this way; you’ve actually been teaching your children since they were brought into your life. Teaching and parenting aren’t mutually exclusive they’re actually one and the same. Did you teach them how to eat at the table or teach them to watch both ways at the crosswalk or what was good or what was bad? See you’ve been a teacher all along!

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Fun Easter Activities For Kids

The lead up to Easter is an exciting time for kids so you may want some fun Easter activities to keep them busy, happy and settled in this exciting time. There are loads of activities that you do with kids that are not only fun but are also educational. When you choose Easter activities for kids at home or at school, you may as well choose something that will not just let them have fun but it will also help them to learn and grow.

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Guidelines On How To Select The Best Cemap Training Courses

CeMAP is the first step for a highly rewarding career in the mortgage industry, and it is fundamental that candidates willing to turn into mortgage advisors receive the most ample training probable to pass the exams. The exams for the course are conducted by the Institute of Financial Services. The exams for all the modules are computer-based exams having multiple choice set of paper.

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Why Read Great Books?

Show one of the great books to homeschool skeptics and tell them that your teenage child is going to read it. Watch their eyes roll. If they manage a verbal protest, it will likely take one of two forms or combine both.

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