Effective Escape From Stress

Retreats refer a temporary getaway from ones usual environment to escape into another for pursuing a cause. Often it might be because of dealing with day-to-day problems like stress, health, lifestyle issues, social or ecological concerns. The concept of health and spa retreats have been gaining popularity in today’s world with increasing ills from work related pressure and stress resulting from odd lifestyle. The health and spa retreats are excellent places to unwind and relax and thus find time for one self.

The health retreats reinforce healthy habits through exercise, yoga techniques and use of Ayurveda. Often the ancient techniques of Yoga and Hathyoga are used to combat stress or lifestyle related disorders. Ayurvedic medicines are used on the other hand as medication for diseases of the likes of blood sugar, blood pressure, arthritis, rheumatism and heart diseases. The medical practitioners at such retreats adopt a holistic treatment policy based on multidisciplinary approach. Few of the biggest health retreats are found in India and Australia. Some of the most well known retreats, amongst others, are:

  • Zamorins Health Retreat, Kerala, India
  • Hopewood Health Retreat, Wallacia, Australia
  • Grail Springs Health Spa and Wellness Retreat, Bancroft, Ontario, Canada
  • Ayurveda Yoga Retreat, Coonor, India
  • Kerala Ayurvedic Research and Rejuvination Establishment, Pune, India

The spa retreats are also similar places as retreats for health, just that the focus lies just on relaxation from stress instead of medication, exercise and yoga. The word spa brings images of mud baths, spa cuisines, meditation classes directed at attaining an extreme stage of mental and physical relaxation. It is definitely all this and some more. These days’ spa retreats have become an essential part of travel to some tourists who plan their holidays to land up in such retreats to be pampered and spoilt n the lap of luxury.

The range of services differs from hydrotherapy sessions, manicure and facial to holistic therapies such as SReiki and crystal healing. Thus it is important to choose the correct type of spa to get the apt treatment. There are several types of spas like:

  • Day spa
  • Destination spa
  • Resort spa
  • Medical spa
  • Mineral springs spa
  • Club spa
  • Cruise ship spa
  • Airport spa

Health retreats in Victoria are also very popular and has been picking up pace with changing times. The pristine seascapes offer more than a health retreat, detox retreat and even a weight loss retreat to the weary travelers. It promises a new way of life, a haven of tranquility from the unfit and unhealthy life one leads on a day-to-day basis. It tells you that it is time to start afresh. Some retreats in Victoria are listed as under:

  • Seascape Ocean Grove Health Retreat: Specializing in an exclusive five day cleanse and rejuvenation program.
  • Gawler Foundation: Committed to an integrative medicine approach to health and healing.
  • Samadhi Spa and Heat Retreat: For enjoying a rejuvenation retreat.
  • Healing Health Retreats: Offering panic healing workshops.

With lifestyle changes and stress related diseases becoming the order of the day, these alternative treatment platforms have proven to be effective beyond doubt. Tough a little cost prohibitive, the retreats have become life saver for many who believe in spending that extra little dough for securing a stress free and relaxed life.