Effective Teaching Methods to be Adopted in Schools

School education lays a strong ground for a child’s foundation. It is here where a child learns and adopts concepts like discipline, exploration, team work, tolerance and much more. Hence, right teaching methods in school are of high importance. Schools in India are constantly trying to incorporate effective teaching and learning methods to improve the quality of education imparted to the students. For innovative teaching methods to be really effective it is important that there are a limited number of students in class. Hence, we see the emergence of private schools that make sure there are a limited number of students in each class to ensure effective learning.

Some effective teaching and learning programs used in classrooms today include –

Group learning –

In this method the teacher forms small groups of students and gives them a topic to discuss and learn about. During the process students work as a team and help each other out in case of difficulties. Teachers can also assign activities to the group like preparing a skit or a presentation.

Group learning is an effective means of teaching as it helps students to learn from their peer group and develop the habit of working in teams. As the group is small problems faced by every student can be addressed. This ensures complete learning.

Guided discovering learning –

A very effective form of learning is by presenting examples to the students on the topic of study and allowing them to work with the examples until they discover the interrelationships. The guided discovery method applies the use of a structural framework in which learning takes place. In simple words the students are given a problem and are directed towards its solution. This helps the students to identify the key principle themselves rather than just agreeing to what the teacher says.

Self study and researching –

Teaching students by throwing questions at them is really effective in getting their grey cells to work. Instead of teaching the students about the topic directly the teacher can give it as an assignment to the students. The students are required to research on the topic and report what they have understood.

Demonstration method –

Students tend to grasp better if the concept being explained is demonstrated before them. This is mostly in case of subjects like physics, chemistry etc. During the step by step demonstration of the process the teacher can explain the reason and significance of each step. This method helps the students to register the concept in mind.

Today, for effective teaching and learning methods schools approach education service providers who prepare educational programs. Such service providers supply excellent training programs for teachers and furnish them with tool kits that are effective and practical to use. Their tools include academic plan, curriculum plan, student work books, content books, learno-metre etc. Moreover they regularly organize monthly coaching visits, workshops for new teachers, professional workshops and much more. They aim at improving the teaching quality of the school. Such effective changes in the teaching system is making a huge difference to the quality of education imparted in schools today.