Fitness Is More Than Looks

Fitness is more than just looking good. While a better-looking, aesthetically pleasing body is usually the result of increasing your overall level of fitness for sure, those who have experienced it will tell you that the unseen benefits are infinitely better.

  • Getting fit yields a stronger mind, heart and body. Physical fitness improves all of these simultaneously, almost in a holistic fashion. That’s because it requires all three to make it happen. There’s more to being fit than working out guts out at the gym. Pushing all that iron around or staying on those cardio machines for hours is really not just for working out one muscle group in particular or even for just the physical benefits. Although people regularly exercise solely for the physical benefits, they are also gaining mental benefits as well.
  • Getting fit yields a stronger sense of confidence. Although activity, exercise and a good diet is what fuels your physical body, it’s your self-esteem that fuels your social, mental and emotional body. It’s how we see ourselves as individuals that impacts our sense of self-worth. Some might deny this altogether, but our self image absolutely affects the quality of our life. It’s our confidence or lack thereof that makes us able to survive and cope through different adversities, etc. So when you look good, you feel good. That link is undeniable. And when you feel good, you are then able to function better as a person. This will permeate through every area of your life.
  • Getting fit yields a stronger sense of determination. It’s not easy getting back into shape. We’ve allowed little bad habits to grow into large bad habits over time, and changing course can be tough. But once we make that shift and get back on the road to good health, we recognize that it took some determination and good old-fashioned perseverance to make it happen. The beautiful thing is that this sense of increased determination doesn’t just stop when you leave the gym or finish your workout. It becomes part of you. Suddenly, you find yourself consistently finishing up things that you – in the past – would have left undone. And you also recognize how obstacles don’t phase you as much or get you off your game. That is how an increased dose of self-determination can go a long way in other areas of your life.
  • Getting fit or finally finding a way to get back into shape is not easy. Simple, yes, but not easy. And when you overcome the first week or two uncomfortable times, and find yourself in a good groove, you’ll see that you also walk away with not only a better-looking and attractive body in the long run, but along the way you gained confidence and determination, all of which pay off in the rest of the real world.

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