The Facts and Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Autism

It is becoming increasingly common for a child to be born with autism with one in every one thousand being afflicted today. The good news is that many of them can lead normal and productive lives even though they are considered to be autistic. Autism at it roots is a neurodevelopmental disorder that afflicts the ability to socially interact with others. There are seven genes in the human body that have been found to be the cause of this disorder.

It is known that there is a correlation between the biological and neurochemical development that occurs in the brain in vitro. All treatments for autism come from the neurological aspects of the brain. In order to diagnose this disorder, the psychology and physical tests must be performed. This can be done when a child reaches three years of age and are not responding to conversation or using their imagination in a normal way.

With the proper treatment methods, some children have been able to get the skills needed to go to school and have careers when they get older. While this is possible for those who are not as severely affected, it is yet to be known if it can be fully cured and if those who have severe cases can be helped. At this time, there is no cure for autism and the only way that these children can be socialized is through parental training that allows them to join in the program with teachers.

For some children, autism is caused by the body’s ability to break down proteins and to process them properly. This means that the child must be put on a special diet that can keep their protein intake to a minimum and that can help to keep the symptoms of autism at bay. A diet that is gluten and dairy free is the best way to help those who have this disorder.

There are many ways to promote awareness of autism that can help gather interest and to get funding. One is to do a charity walk where pledges donate money for a certain number of miles. Another is the bracelet that is sold to raise the same awareness. Everyone has seen these for other issues such as many of the forms of cancer and is now becoming popular for autism awareness too. The proceeds of the sales of these are used to run more testing and cures.