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What Are The Health Benefits Of Stevia?

Stevia is a plant which can be used alternatively to sugar as a sweetener. It is naively growing in South America, where it is used as sweetener by the natives since centuries. It’s extracts can be up to 300 times sweeter then normal sugar. In 1987 it was discovered by a Swiss botanist (Moisés Santiago Bertoni). But from then on it took pretty long to make it more popular in the western world. The first country which thought about Stevia as a sugar substitute was Japan. They made their first cultivating experiments in the 1950’s, and started to use it as complementary food and sweetener in the 1970’s. In 1980 the consumption has already risen up to 2000 tons of Stevia per year. So far for the far east, but in Europe and North America Stevia was, and still is mainly prohibited, due to concerns about side effects of Stevia, especially about steviol, the metabolized aglycone of stevioside,what is the main component of Stevia. Some studies with animals, especially rats, in the 1980’s affirmed that the steviol would be mutagenic. But these studies were hardly criticized, and considered not to be transferable to the human by the critics. If a human ate the proportional amount of Stevia which one rat in the experiments ate, he would have eaten a half of his body weight in Stevia leaves. In these amounts even sugar would be very unhealthy. Because of these concerns it is still unapproved as consumable in the most parts of the western world, and can only be sold as a beauty product, in some places in diet food or as tea.

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Eating Healthy Foods

New Years Day usually sees the beginning of quite a few diets. These diets by no means final extended and some discover that they say they are going to then wait right up until up coming year to start up once again following failing. Which is a common mistake dieters created. Will not make your diet your New Many years resolution. Rather, feel about eating healthy foods whether you might be on or away a diet. That way you possibly can do your ideal even once you aren’t feeling your strongest. Some believe that eating healthy foods is tricky, but it is only as challenging while you make it. Very good meals takes much more prep time, but its absolutely well worth that time to the sake of your well being.

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Benefits And The Not-So-Beneficial Sides To Sugar

The actual history of sugar is somewhat obscure. The consensus of opinion tells us that sugar cane first appeared in New Guinea where it was known for several millennia. It seems that the Crusaders knew something of the substance as a result of their 11th century Mediterranean activities, who then may have introduced it into England in the 1300s. The mid 1500s saw sugar become a highly prized commodity – a luxury even, comparable with caviar by today’s standards. Sugar was kept in a locked box in those households that could afford it. By the 1600s England controlled the world’s biggest sugar production through the travels and influence of Sir Walter Raleigh.

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Dieting is Crucial For the Future


If you’re reading this then you’re one of the many thousands of people out there trying to get thin. And I’m guessing you haven’t had any luck so far, am I right?

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