Gerber vs. The World

I suddenly realized how popular Gerber Knives actually were about a week ago. My partner and I had just gotten back from a business trip and decided to go eat at a well known restaurant; while we were waiting for our seat, my partner began talking to a man sitting no further away than I was from him about Gerber knives.

After we had been seated me being a Gerber knife fan, asked my partner what the man had said about the whole thing. Now this is the moment when I realized how big the Gerber industry has actually become. My partner said the man was very nice and seemed very pleased to offer his story about Gerber knives.

The man said he had been in the military in his earlier years, and Gerber had been a big part of the military, he recognized the brand for its reliance and overall durability in the field. He went on to say that he currently owns multiple Gerber knives and tools, and has family in other states that are known for their collection of Gerber.

Gerber has become one of the most well known brands of all time, when it comes to knives that is. With Gerber being around so long, it wouldn’t make sense for Gerber to just fade away, right? Right; Gerber just made a huge deal with one of the most recognized survivalists on the planet.

The moment I realized Gerber’s success I had to dig deeper. Sure enough I got exactly what I wanted. The Gerber name is known all over the world and dates back to 1936. The Mark II, one of Gerber’s fixed blade knives, was one of the first knives to be issued to the military.

Yet another reason I found that Gerber knives are worthy for any climate, any abuse, any job. Strong long lasting edge retention and excellence is how Gerber has done business for decades, and will continue to do business for years to come. Gerber has your needs for any knife style you are looking for, from survival to small pocket knives.

So this heavyweight bout is between Gerber knives and the almighty world, who wins this one? Gerber, I’d say. The world has only brought more opportunities for Gerber, and because of Gerber’s capitalization on this monument of possibilities, Gerber has got what it takes to stand the test of time, the question is, do you?

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