Glass For Countertops

Unique – Because each Modern Glass Solutions countertop begins with a handmade process, every finished product maintains its uniqueness.

Sophisticated – High-end appearance.

Hygenic – Non-porous, making it suitable for Kosher kitchens

Safe -No Cross-contamination

Heat Resistant – Can endure high heat without cracking or scorching

Stain Free – Impossible to stain

Easy Care – Back textured finishes make dust, fingerprints and small scratches nearly invisible.

Transparent – Can be edge lit to transform your countertop, creating a floating and ethereal beauty thats tough as stone.

Strength – Glass countertops are as strong and durable as any common natural stone or man-made countertop material.

Safety – Glass is a very resistant material. And contrary to common belief, it will resist to very hard hits. Glass will withstand the test of time like no other material.

Thickness – When glass thickness exceeds 3/4″, it becomes extremely solid. Anything above 1.5″ is as strong as any stone!

Tempering – Most of our textures can be tempered if they do not exceed 3/4″ (19mm) in thickness. Tempering adds even more resistance to glass’ natural characteristics.

Going Green – LEED – MGS countertops are sustainable and a healthy choice: 100% fully recyclable as well as 100% recycled material available.

No sealants or harsh chemicals are used to produce the Maintenance-free and highly durable tops.

No emissions released and no negative impact on air quality Radon free (compared to granite)

  • Certified NSF International (Standard 51-Food equipment material) as safe for use as a food preparation surface
  • Eligibility 10 points LEED for Homes
  • Eligibility 23 points NAHB Model Green Home
  • Design & Color

Glass countertops are the newest product trend in Kitchen & Bath showrooms.

Glass countertops have a high-end appearance that distinguishes them from common countertop materials such as granite or synthetic surfaces.

Every glass countertop can be customized with a choice of texture, color and finish to give it its unique characteristics.

Imagine your countertop, backsplash or panel, created with the texture and color of your choice.

Now imagine this translucent surface mounted atop a copper, stainless or colored cabinet top, transformed again by the tone beneath it. Luxurious designs with chameleon-like flexibility. Painted, mixed or solid Pantone® colors on our glass textures.

Dichroic design accents can be completely fused into your glass design creating a dynamic effect. As the only transparent countertop material, glass can further accent a kitchen or bathroom design by coordinating it with LED Lighting.

Each MGS countertop is fully customized to specs.

In addition, glass artist Sandy Jackson can add an extra touch of magic to create artistic pieces that are out of this world!

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