In Terms Of Bioseptic Tanks

Every designer of septic tank systems should keep the terrain and soil condition of the location at the back of his or her mind when making a septic pond system for any home. But whatever design may be adopted, all septic pond work on practically the same principle. Placed outside the house, a concrete basin is what a septic tank essentially is and it is used to catch waste materials from the home and then there are lighter waste materials that float on the surface.

Basically, the waste materials are separated, the solids are separated from the liquid components.

When it comes to the liquid part, it can be transformed into water.

In order to know whether or not it is time to clean your septic pond, check the scum deposits and the depth of the sludge which has settled beneath the outlet pipe.

You only need to repair or clean your septic tanks once every five years but it is important that you have the system checked once every year.

If a home garbage disposal system has been specifically designed to discharge into the septic pond, the tank must be constructed twice the normal recommended size to accommodate the disposed garbage. In this case, it would still be wiser for you not to connect a home garbage disposal system to your septic pond system. Aside from this, grease traps are better when avoided. The tank should be free from any waste kitchen fat deposits. You need not worry about anything if the fat that gets into the tank is of a minute quantity.

In this case, cleansers and other household disinfectants can be detrimental to the septic tank’s normal operation. In order to deal with bacterial content, sick room disinfectant can be utilized. There are those who make use of yeast. There were studies conducted for this. In this case, making use of chemicals might not be enough when it comes to improving the operation of a septic pond.

It is necessary that chemicals like sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide be used to treat septic tanks. Such compounds can cause sludge bulking and a large increase in alkalinity which may stop the bacterial action on the waste matter. Here, the water discharge is a temporary fix to your septic tank cleaning needs but it can develop into clogging problems later on for it can damage the soil structure. If you have septic pond, you can be aided by a multitude of products in the market. There are a number of claims made that pertain to septic tank products and most of them are bogus.