Hair removal methods

There are different methods of hair removal but, mostly peoples are using only three methods those are hair removal cream, waxing and shaving as these are less painful and time saving and cheaper. For long term and permanent removing of hair here are some other methods and procedure of them to remove the hair.

  • Electrolysis hair removal:
  • Electrolysis hair removal is a permanent hair removal method that uses electricity. During the electrolysis hair removal process, a skilled practitioner inserts a fine metal probe into the hair follicle and delivers an electric current which destroys the area that generates the hair and then Tweezers are used to remove the loosened hair. This process is repeated for each individual hair. A number of treatments are required in this method because some hairs may be missed or may be in their dormant stage during the process. As this method is costly and time consuming but if treated properly proves a very good hair removal method.

  • Hair removal creams:
  • Hair removal creams are products which has chemical ingredients which melt hair. This is very easy to apply and removed from skin without any pain. This is also known as depilatories. These creams are also available in several forms like lotions, gels, aerosols, and roll-on products. This method is inexpensive and time saving and you can do it on your own at home. However, these products can also cause skin infection to some people those who have particularly sensitive skin. Some people also find the odor of depilatories very unpleasant.

  • Laser hair removal:
  • Laser hair removal is also a permanent form of hair removal. Mostly three to six sittings are required in this method, even though sometimes even more treatments are needed. In this treatment lasers generally target hair follicles, damaging them while leaving the rest of the skin intact. This is useful for the large areas like backs and legs. Laser hair removal process is considered safe when it proceeds well and it is painful that is its disadvantage and the effectiveness of this method varies from person to person. This form of hair removal has proved most effective for fair skinned people with dark hair, as the lasers often target the pigmented part of the hair follicle.

  • Plucking:
  • Plucking is the method of hair removal that involves pulling or plucking hairs from the roots, one at a time, using fingers or tweezers. This method of hair removal is used for removing eyebrows hair and other facial hair, and generally takes about three weeks. Plucking is a cheaper form of hair removal as compare to other and that is particularly useful for removing small numbers of stray hairs. Be sure to clean thoroughly your tweezers before using them to remove hairs. Plucking is painful and should not use on nose hairs in order to avoid infections.

  • Shaving:
  • As all know about Shaving, it involves using a sharp metal blade to remove hair by cutting it off at the skin’s surface as saving is done on beard. You can do it either manually or with an electric razor. This method tends to be effective for body hair for approximately four days. Shaving is an inexpensive, time saving and safe way of hair removal. At the same time, care must be taken to avoid cuts. For sensitive areas, sometimes it is helpful to shave in the direction of hair growth to minimize such problems. In addition, you should change blades regularly is beneficial in this regard.

  • Sugaring:
  • Sugaring involves the application of a sticky, sugary paste to the skin. A narrow piece of paper or porous cloth has been putting on the pest applied on skin. The strip is pulled quickly away from the skin, opposite to the direction of hair growth to remove the hair. Sugaring typically lasts for about three to six weeks and is an inexpensive. It can be a messy undertaking, however, and can cause hairs to break off below the skin’s surface.

  • Waxing:
  • Waxing is the similar to the sugaring. In this method, a layer of wax is applied to the skin and quickly removed using a strip of cloth or paper and the strip is pulled quickly away from the skin. This not only pulls hairs out by their roots, it also removes dead skin. As a result, waxing is a very effective form of temporary hair removal that leaves the skin smooth and generally lasts for three to eight weeks. This is very effective hair removal method and best of all but also it is painful.

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