How to Buy the Best Motorcycle Helmet at the Best Price

A motorcycle helmet is the single most important piece of motorcycle gear or apparel you can own when you ride motorcycles, Motocross or dirt bikes. It’s the piece of gear most likely to save your life in the event of a crash or accident, so you don’t want to skimp on the price, but at the same time, we are in a recession here, and it’s always nice to save a few bucks when you can. Read on to learn how to buy the best motorcycle helmet at the best price.

If you are buying a motorcycle helmet for the first time, it’s always a good idea to do extensive research before you buy anything. Even experienced riders who are replacing their old one should do research because manufacturers are always coming out with new and improved technology and safety features.

Safety Certifications

When looking for a new helmet, it’s easy to pick one out based on style or price, but safety isn’t so easy to determine just by appearance. You should always ensure that the model you are interested in is D.O.T. or Snell certified for the ultimate in safety features. To pass the D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) standard, the helmet must demonstrate the ability to prevent most penetration, absorb a significant amount of impact energy, and have a fastening system that will stand up to a considerable amount of force. In addition to meeting the D.O.T. standard, Snell certified models have gone through additional testing to ensure they measure up to the highest safety standards for protective performance time after time.


Just like a pair of large pants from one store can fit completely differently than a pair of large pants from another store, a large-sized helmet from one brand might fit completely differently that a large from another brand. A helmet should fit snugly enough so that it stays in place when you shake your head up and down, side to side or front to back. If it pulls on too easily without a little resistance from the inner components, it may not fit snugly enough to stay in place and it will be noisy to boot (the inner foam components seal out wind noise). If you’ve never bought a helmet before, go into a store to try on some models and different brands first before buying online.


Once you find a style and model that you really like, fits well, looks good and has a D.O.T. sticker, you might realize that it’s not the cheapest model out there. One way to cut down on price is to go with a simpler model with few graphics, less superfluous features, or less elaborate venting. Or, if you see a much cheaper model that still fits well and has the D.O.T. sticker you might as well buy that one, the protection will be the same and you’re most likely just paying less money because it’s a lesser-known brand. If you’ve looked and looked and can’t find anything comparable to the expensive helmet, my suggestion is to just splurge and buy it anyway. After all, this little piece of motorcycle gear could save your life one day. You wouldn’t buy a car without seatbelts because it was less money, so why would you compromise on your helmet? Finding the right motorcycle helmet at the right price can be a very time-consuming process, but in the end you’ll feel very satisfied with the work and research you’ve put into it.

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