Gatherings Opportunities for Motorcycle Enthusiasts in Delaware

Delaware is considered as the second smallest state situated in the Mid-Atlantic region in America. It is just divided into three counties namely New Castle, Kent and Sussex. But despite its size, it hosts gathering opportunities for various motorcycle enthusiasts across the state. These events are hosted at certain times of the year and you have the chance to get along with the celebration together with your family or with your friends who share the same interest as yours. The following are the 4 common events for bikers in the small state.

If you wish to go with your family, you can join the annual event of Hobo Stew and Cook-out hosted by the Delaware A’s chapter of Goldwing Rider’s of America. It usually happens on the month of April. This is a picnic among bikers and their families where the hotdogs are sold for only a dollar. If you register ahead of time, you will be able to have a discount. Since there are a lot of people joining the event a c2 tazer inside your pocket would be best for added security.

Other motorcycle events are those hosted by The Seaford Harley-Davidson dealerships. Cruise-ins is what they hold every Friday night during the summer season. But aside from that, they have a special poker run every Halloween. This is just a short course that can happen for about 2 hours and you will be able to enjoy riding your motorcycle and enjoying the games as you make a stop-over on designated areas. This is a fun activity among adults or when you want to enjoy some time with your friends.

The Mike’s Famous Motorcycle Weekend is another motorcycle gathering which is exclusively for adults. Definitely, you are not allowed to bring your kids especially if they have not reached the age of 18. It is a three-day event where you get the chance to listen to live concerts from two bands, join different contests, visit various vendors that surround the place and be entertained with spirits and wrestling. Since it is hosted by Harley-Davidson dealership, you get the chance to win an opportunity to customize your bike if you register for the event ahead of time.

Lastly, the rally of the Harley Owners Group is an annual event that happens in different corners of the country. Delaware and Maryland are two of the states that jointly celebrate this event in Dover. All participants get to stay in the hotel where the price is offered at a discounted amount just for the event. There are various activities such as poker runs, games and a banquet before people part ways. You have to be a member of the group in order to join such gathering.

These are the different gatherings of motorcycles hosted in the state of Delaware. When joining them you have to ask whether it is best for the family or for adults only. Secondly, bring a stun gun for personal security. Thirdly, come on time or pay the registration fee ahead. Finally, do not forget to bring your motorcycle where it is at its best.

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