How To Safely Whiten Your Teeth

Do you want a whiter, brighter smile but are afraid of using harsh and abrasive chemicals? Fortunately, there is a safe solution.

To choose the best product to whiten your teeth, it’s wise to first fully understand the whitening process.
Imagine being able to look at your teeth through a high-powered microscope. The surface of your teeth are made up of thousands of tiny tubes called enamel rods. The rods line up in a distinctive pattern, like the scales on a fish.

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When certain foods or drinks are said to discolor the teeth, this means that the stain has seeped below the outer surface of the tooth’s enamel and has become trapped in these enamel rods. At this point, no amount of brushing can remove the stain. This condition is known as an “intrinsic stain”.

To make matters worse, these enamel rods can become sealed by organic matter, namely minute particles of food. So, what you now have is discoloration trapped and sealed beneath the tooth’s surface.

But there is hope.

Teeth whiteners are designed to temporarily open up the plugs that close the enamel rods. At the same time, bleaching agents penetrate the opened rods to lighten the stain. The end result is a brighter smile!

Since you are now familiar with the process of teeth whitening, the next step is to choose a product that accomplishes this in the safest and most natural manner.

When choosing a whitener, consider this checklist:

The product must state that it is safe and non-abrasive. Since you understand that no amount of scouring your teeth can remove the stain, the teeth whitener you choose should not contain an abrasive agent.

The product you choose should also be safe to use on crowns, veneers, partials and implants. If you have had any tooth restorative work done in the past, you need to be assured that the whitener will not damage it.

Ideally, a tooth whitener should not cause sensitivity. When the plugs from the dental rods are removed, thus allowing the bleaching agent to whiten the stain, many products cause the tooth to become sensitive. But not all products do this. Select a whitener that specifically states that it will not cause your teeth to be sensitive.

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Teeth whiteners should be designed by a dentist. This is a bold statement, but dentists are the most knowledgeable about teeth care. Not only do they understand the structure of the teeth, but they are able to repair damage, like staining.

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