How To Stop Worrying Is Easier Than You Think

Learning how to stop worrying is about as easy as learning how to start worrying. That might sound over simplistic but there are strong grounds for believing this. Anxiety as a habit is acquired behavior, usually learned in the first five years of a child’s life by observing and modeling of the parents’ behavior. It is totally natural for a mother to be highly protective of her children; yet that over-protectiveness can lead to anxiety as a trait being developed in the child. Especially when the world is constantly being presented as a threatening and rather dangerous place to be living in.

What remedies can be brought to bear to stop excessive worrying? For adults, a positive focus can bring great relief and a dramatic turnaround. If you watched the recent video named The Secret, you would remember the central lesson that ‘what you focus on is what you get, and what you think about, is what you become!’

The solution to the problem of how to stop worrying, then, is to only focus on precisely what you do want. You have to relax and sit down with a pad and pen in a quiet place and quickly write out your positive wishes, goals and aspirations. This simple process will begin to turn you around from being a negative, anxious and pessimistic person to being a future-oriented positive thinker.

The second step in learning how to stop worrying and to reduce your free floating anxiety is to become more observant and more watchful about what you are thinking about, always. This takes a little practice and learning how to meditate as monks do will give you a distinct advantage. The writer is a Buddhist and recalls a teaching to ‘watch the mind and let it go.’ The practice of letting go of whatever pops up in conscious awareness is a great way to finally discover how to stop worrying and start to regain control over one’s mental activities and functions.

Mind power can be enhanced in any individual and we can all learn how to focus better and even how to think like a genius. Buddhist meditation has helped this writer in this respect. One way to conceptualize this successfully is to think of circles of feedback which lead to ever increasing levels of quality in our conscious and sub-conscious thought patterns. The truly wonderful thing is that self improvement and self help become automatic over time as your discernment improves.

The very question of how to stop worrying will dissolve away and become like a faint ghost as you develop your positive personality and drive yourself hard towards attainment of your clearly defined, achievable, written down goals. When you are moving in the positive, there is no anxiety or worry but rather a clear vision of what you want. You become like the proverbial donkey always chasing the bright orange carrot held out in front of you on a stick. That is your truly valuable new focus now of being future orientated.