How to Survive a Difficult Relationship

Amazing tips on How to Survive a Difficult Relationship How to survive a difficult relationship? All of us at one point of time or another have come across this situation in life. Relationships, which we need to maintain, relationships which are crucial for us and relationships which we can not leave or exit, but sometimes are forced to live with. Such difficult relationships need to be handled very carefully and skillfully so that it becomes less painful, very easy to live with and mostly it also turns out to become the relationship of choice. Below are some real life situational handy tips, which I believe if followed earnestly, will help one and all.

Practice Patience: First and foremost helpful tool is “Patience”. When we are in a difficult relationship, we are already stressed, already on the edge most of the times. In situations where he or she is not giving you time, ignores your needs, forget your birthday or an appointment etc. etc., one should not crib too much or create a scene. If in a heated argument, one person keeps calm, do not fight back, it will be a matter of minutes before the other person calms down. And minutes only when the fighting/arguing partner become ashamed of his/her outburst. Remind him/her gently, may be on more than one occasion… be patient, don’t jump the fence. Give him/her time…once, twice, maybe even thrice when you don’t react & maintain patience, the other person somewhere inside is bound to become ashamed of his/her behavior. This is a natural human tendency; no one can fake or pretend it for a long time, as mankind is programmed to be such. Wait and experience the wonders of patience. Every difficult person comes around when handled patiently.

Learn to Forgive: This is a beautiful human emotion, whether in a difficult relation or not, it is one of the best tools for peaceful living, especially so, in a difficult relation. When the other person does not come up to your expectations, whatever the reason may be, we get angry. At times, we even become vindictive. How can he neglect me, how can she forget, what does she do the entire day, why he left the dishes for me…..the list goes on, giving endless chances of “wait…I will show you” attitude. In all such situations or otherwise, learn to forgive. Do not react or become vindictive, that will only stress you more, till you get frustrated. Do understand that you can’t change a person or behavior by becoming vindictive or by stocking your heart with the resultant reaction when things don’t take your direction. This will only lead you to further fights, arguments and deeper frustrations. Frustrations, as we are all aware of by now, are energy patterns which get trapped in the body and manifests itself by means of different kind of diseases, pains and discomforts. Below is a small but very effective script, record it or keep it handy with you and at the end of every night tell your self slowly and calmly: “I fully and freely forgive anyone who has today hurt me, neglected me, fought with me, argued with me, made me feel sad, or have done anything which I did not like. I wish them all the very best. I release all the emotions that this might have built up within me, and get released from any resultant negative emotions which I may have received. I go to sleep in this peaceful, calm and serene state of mind and I wake up in joy tomorrow morning.” You can customize this if you want. Do this earnestly for a few days and see the wonders for your self. It is no rocket science!

Love unconditionally: The core feeling which binds every relationship is “LOVE”. The all prevailing powerful emotion of Love helps us to evolve to the next level in our quest of evolvement. Love fully, freely and unconditionally. All relations in the world go through ups and downs. There are times when you thank God for a particular person in relation with you and at times you curse yourselves to have entered into the same relationship. When in a difficult relation, think of good times always; think of the love your partner had pampered you with before your relationship took a difficult turn. Look for positive signs of love in your partner. This will not only give you a chance to see good in your partner, also thinking of such good times and looking for the signs of love and positivity will release similar thought energies from you. Slowly your sub-conscious mind will pick up and install these positive and comforting emotions in your thinking or conscious mind. When you start radiating such energy patterns, automatically you start receiving them. This is universal law. Practice it and see the wonders it unfolds to you.

As human beings we are evolving everyday towards perfection. All of us have our individual strengths and weaknesses. Nobody is perfect in this World. Foundation of a strong, healthy and loving relationship is to accept ones partner along with his/her faults and limitations without being judgmental. Try your level best to work out the difficult relationship sincerely by giving time, exercising patience, learning to forgive and love unconditionally the person you are in relation with. In rarest case, if it still does not work out, do not hesitate to seek divine help and have faith. God has his mysterious ways to help human kind.