ID Card Scanner – Do You Know These Features?

The ID card scanner is essential for the authenticity of a certain person or an entity. This authentic identity is very much essential not only for the security purpose, but also for the maintenance of databases as well.

The card scanner performs the task of scanning of any identity document, like Passports, Driving License, Registration Cards, PAN cards etc. The scanning procedure involves two main types, the image scanning, and the optical character recognition (OCR). The advantage of these technologies is that the entire document is kept in a high quality image format in the database and for the textual information, these technologies enable to keep the document in such a format that is easily accessible for any database management system, and easy for quick data recovery.

The main feature of the ID card scanner is the presence of a specially designed hardware that detects the ID card once it is inserted in the machine. Automatically the hardware switches on the other components of the system that enables the card reading. The reading is processed by high quality image processing of the ID Document. The identity card consists of a photo of the concerned person and other relevant information in text like address, date of birth, card number, etc. The scanner selects every object of the document, and keeps them in an image file identical to the original document. For security purposes, in some identity cards, the information is kept in digital codes rather than in text formats. The scanner, with its bar code reader and OCR system, can read the data from it, and after thorough checking, finally keeps the entire data in a separate file.

Apart from these basic features, the scanner for identity card has some other features as well:

• Fast card scan, which enables the scanning procedure get finished in a matter of few seconds

• Ultra Compact Card Scanner, that enhances the picture resolution

• Auto Rotation facility enables the right fitting of the document in the system for proper scanning

• Color filtering enables the system to scan without being effected with the background color

• Auto Detect Facility enables to compare the inserted card with the previously stored database

• Flexible Integration is the system of storing the data in universally accepted ASCII code, which fits in any system

Apart from all these, the biggest advantage of it is the minimization of errors. A human error can occur in case of identity check, but an ID card scanner never fails in it.

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