Migrating To United States

People (non US citizens) from every part of the world aspire to become permanent immigrant of United States. The green card applications coming to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) clearly confirm this tendency of Non-Americans. However, very few people are able to get a green card due to tough approval policies and strict documentation process.

United States is the world’s largest economy and the most powerful democracy. The country offers great facilities for living. No country can stand in comparison of the opportunities offered by United States to its residents in order to grow professionally. The education and medical facilities available in United States is par excellence. These are among the various reasons behind global madness for migration to United States.

Two most important entities willing to get United States green card are students (from different countries studying in United States under different high studies programs) and professionals (from other countries who are working here). These people are eye witness of the improvements in terms of basic infrastructure, healthcare, and other necessary amenities for a comfortable and peaceful living.

Are you representing any of the following three categories?

  • Foreign students studying in United States,
  • Professional having work Visa at US, or
  • Any foreign national willing to migrate to United States

If yes, then Diversity Visa Lottery Program can be ideal way of going through the Green Card application process. The diversity lottery programs also known as DV lottery or Green Card lottery is a program run and managed by United States Department of State (DOS). DOS offers approximately 50,000 green cards every year to foreign nationals with minimal documentation and not so strict processes.

Green card lottery program is the ideal way of trying to get United States green card. The process is a bit longer than usual as applicants have to wait for two years to get the results of green card lottery program. But keeping the simplicity and luck involved with DV lottery program it becomes an attractive option of becoming permanent resident of United States.

DOS provides all the details of diversity lottery program on its website and describes the online application process. With a little effort and good luck people can become get permanent immigrant status of United States, if they adhere to the prerequisites of green card lottery program.