Mrs Currie

Mrs Currie

Everyone knows about this great woman Mrs. Currie, in fact, her name is Marie Sklodowska. She is known as the first famous woman scientist in the modern world and was called the “mother of modern physics”. The great Mrs. Currie made great contribution the modern physics and is the pioneer in research about radioactivity, which is a word she coined.

She is also the first woman who won the Ph.D. in research science in Europe, and also the first woman professor at the field of Sorbonne.

Marie Sklodowska was born in war saw, the city of Poland, where her father was a teacher.

Polish teachers were not well paid, and Marie’s father could not afford a university education for her, so she had to work as a governess.

She succeed in separating polonium from radium, and made known of the nature of radiation and beta rays which are widely used in medical and other fields.

When she had enough money from her saving, she went to study at the most famous French university, the Sorbonne in Paris. She had a very difficult life in Paris, but graduated with honors in physics and mathematics. Then she got a job as a research scientist. While she was doing her research, she met Pierre Currie. Her friendship with this French scientist resulted in their marriage in 1895. They worked together and discovered radium. In 1903 Marie and Pierre won the Nobel Prize for physics. A few years later in 1906, Pierre was run over in the street by a wagon and died of his injuries. But Marie continued to work and won another Nobel Prize again in 1911.