The Best Anatomy and Physiology Questions

The Best Anatomy and Physiology Questions

Studying Anatomy and Physiology can be a very frustrating experience. At the beginning of my studies I was totally overwhelmed. There were so many bones, muscles, nerves, glands and tissues to learn and of course most of the words and names were in Latin which made it worse!

Thankfully about 3 weeks before my exams I came across a test bank of anatomy and physiology questions. My test scores totally changed, I went from getting low C’s to getting A’s every time! I quickly discovered that it was the only way to learn this tough subject. My only regret was that I did not discover this tip sooner.

There are generally 12 systems of the body that you need to learn including:

* The Cell
* The Skin
* Muscles
* Skeletal System
* Circulatory System
* Lymphatic System
* Endocrine System
* Nervous System
* Digestive System
* Respiratory System
* Reproductive System
* Urinary System

Based on my experience you have to constantly memorize the terms. Anatomy and physiology questions are a perfect way to do this. The idea is to go over each question again and again until your confidence grows. When I was studying I would take a group of about 50 questions and go over these for one week. Once that week was over I would test myself. This way I knew what areas were my strongest and what areas were my weakest. Writing the questions on index cards is a great tip. This means you can carry them around with you wherever you go. Great for the commute to and from work/college!

As well as having anatomy and physiology questions, finding puzzles or quizzes that test your knowledge, are a fantastic addition to your studies.