Online Homeschooling Children Go Outside And Play

Beginning online homeschooling can be a freeing experience. No longer tied to a fixed schedule, the child(ren) and in fact whole families can benefit from one of its most distinct advantages: learning outside the box. The restricting, constricting box of public or private school can take many forms.

Some of which are: the daily school day schedule, (often starting and ending with a long ride on a school bus) less and less free time, as recess, enjoyment of the creative arts, and flexibility in teaching academics all tend to be curtailed because of school budget cuts and the pressures on teachers to teach to the standardized tests.

Going outside the school box can indeed be playful, though the work of learning is not neglected, but on the contrary is usually accelerated. Accelerated learning is just one of the benefits to online homeschooling.

The one-size-fits-all nature of the curriculum used in the classroom is less than optimal because it not only leaves some of the students behind, but often dampens the pure joy of learning for all students. Seat learning takes up the majority of the time spent in the classroom, and that alone can so remove learning from real life that it loses connection and thus credibility.

Boredom results as motivation to learn lessens, while enthusiasm and curiosity fade. When the lessons are tailored to meet the needs and interests of each and every student, like with homeschooling the joys of learning are happily rekindled. As Yeats said, “Education is not filling a bucket but lighting a fire.” The homeschoolers fires do seem to be the most promising place for that to happen. Another greatly beneficial aspect of learning with homeschooling is the ability to literally go outside and play, anytime.

The decline in the overall physical health of our children is startling. It’s been well documented that many Americans, including children, are overweight. And the statistics for the accompanying rise in Type 2 (adult onset) diabetes in children is staggering. The good news is that this and many other health problems currently plaguing children are very preventable through changes in diet and exercise.
These positive lifestyle changes are more available to homeschoolers, as regular exercise is more easily implemented and meals and snacks are prepared and eaten at home.

As a child I was often encouraged to “go outside and play.” I wore a skate key at all times so that I could clamp on my shoe skates and go flying down the street. Sidewalk hopscotch was a regular if not daily activity, as was hide and seek, or jump rope, as well as many other wonderfully vigorous games.

TV was minimal then and computers were virtually nonexistent. And in school, recess was an important, indispensable part of the school day. So homeschoolers, do revel in you and your children’s ability to play: both outside, and outside the box!

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