Promotional Pens

Promotional pens can be an excellent business promoter and in this economy “squeezing pennies” can be pretty tough on everyone.

So getting someone to squeeze a pen with your logo and advertising message on it can turn out to be a “win win” situation. And while business cards have their place in the business arena which in your mind do you think might be thrown away first.

How many times has someone asked you to borrow your pen or pencil and you hesitantly give it to them because you know you might not get it back, not because the person knowingly will steal your pen or personalized pencil but through normal human imperfection you or they sometimes forget to give it back or you forget to retrieve what’s yours.

This becomes an excellent avenue to promote your business, charity, personal endeavor or what have you because you don’t mine “loosing” your pen when your printed message and your business name is printed on the side of pen.

Cheap pens are less costly than the fancy metal pens, and when I say cheap I do not mean some dorky pen that skips or is dry when you try to use it. You should always choose a writing utensil that’s going to perform well and that’s going to write smoothly and every time because even though it may be considered a cheap pen from your perspective it should be of good quality to the user and since it has an advertising message about your business it should be as good as the company it represents.

Since you may not get your personalized pen back if someone asks that proverbial question “may I borrow your pen” and now at this point you don’t care if you get it back or not because now you will insist that they just keep it. Therefore do not forget to carry as many of them with you in your pockets and in you automobile and where ever you go because now you are seeking opportunities to get your promotional pen in as many hands as possible.

A couple of things you might want to keep in mind when promoting with promotional pens are:

  • Promotional pens no matter what the design have a limited print space so you want to get what ever you are promoting or what your branding out first, so if you are in the plumbing business you might say xyz plumbing and telephone number or if you are a marketing business you might say promotional products and web site. The idea is get what ever you do seen and how you can be contacted.
  • Make sure your colors contrast each other, in other words make sure the colors are not the same or nearly the same. Have you ever been to a web site and the fonts are a white and the back ground is aqua and you can’t make out what’s being said. In this case you might want to use the help of a professional designer where you purchase your pens So the next time someone wants to borrow your pen let them have it.
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